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State Party Negotiation Competition

For the first time in 2018, the Competitions Portfolio will be running a NEW competition: the State Party Negotiation competition. This Competition is introduced to complement the other competitions run within the portfolio. In particular, it aims to add an internaitonal perspective to negotiation, and to further explore some international law issues that are not covered in the International Humanitarian Law Moot. This Competition is a fantastic opportunity for students to grapple with an area of international law that they may not have necessarily studied at MLS. That being said, no prior knowledge is expected or required to participate!

2018 Results

Congratulations to Ilia Tsirogiannis and Linny Ng for winning the 2018 State Party Negotiation Competition. Congratulations to Jonty Bean and Jake Fava who were runner up of the Competition.

Winners of the 2018 State Party Negotiation Competition. Pictured (Left to Right): Linny Ng (Winner), Dr Carrie McDougall (Judge) and Ilia Tsirogiannis (Winner).

Competition Details

The Competition will comprise of two rounds: one preliminary round followed by a Grand Final. 

Team Size: 2 members

Information Session: Tuesday 21 August, 1:00pm, Room 108. The information slides can be found here.

Registration: Registrations will open on 22 August.

Competition Dates: The Competition is expected to run between Week 6 and 8 of Semester 2.

Structure of the Competition

The Competition will be modelled on a UN-style negotiation. On the day of the Competition, there will be five teams of two students negotiating the problem or issues. The negotiation will be mediated by a Chairperson, who will either be a member of Faculty or the Competition Director(s).  

Teams will be sent the problem five (5) days prior to the Competition. The problem will comprise a factual scenario involving questions of international treaty laws. For example, the problem may require teams to negotiate and arrive at an agreement on how to interpret a particular article or provision of a treaty.

Students will be directed to suitable resources as a starting point for their research. All of this will be covered in the workshop/information session.

Key Dates

The Competition is expected to be run between weeks 5 and 8 of Semester 2, 2018.

Round 1: Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 August, in Room 920

Round 2: Wednesday 5 September, in Room 920


A rough timeline of how the competition evenings will be run can be found here.


The Guidebook and Rules of the Competition can be found here.