Women’s Portfolio 

The Women’s Portfolio is an equity based portfolio created to address the systemic barriers to success faced by female-identifying and non-binary students. Our core goal is to foster a safe and inclusive environment at the law school and to increase awareness of the specific issues faced by those we represent.

While women at MLS and within the legal profession are highly represented there are still serious structural barriers to success that impact women on a daily basis. The Women’s Portfolio enables us to open up communication about these issues through hosting a range of exciting and educational events that aim to teach valuable skills to students and educate all about the challenges women face in society.

This year the Women’s Portfolio is particularly focused on increasing our philanthropic work within the broader community and providing exposure to career paths which can give students the opportunity to improve the status of women in society.

We actively acknowledge that the intersection of sexuality, race, class, and ability interact with gender in deeply personal ways and that no one person’s experience of law school will be the same. Our priority is to collaborate with the other equity based portfolios to address a broad scope of issues within MLS.

We strongly encourage you to attend our events and get in touch with us to learn more about the work we are doing. Please do not hesitate to approach us should you need help or direction in addressing any gender-based concerns you may be experiencing at law school, or elsewhere. And- if you’re a male student who is eager to become more engaged with feminism, gender equality, or if you have your own concerns to raise to the portfolio, please reach out. We may be ‘women’s’ directors, but we believe our role extends to the entirety of the law school.

The portfolio is led by Women’s Directors, Thea Stephenson and Bonnie Fraser, and supported by two Women’s Officers.

In 2020, the Women’s Portfolio is proud to partner with Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Gilbert + Tobin.

Upcoming Events 

Share the Dignity Charity Drive

Week 1 and Week 2 Semester 1

Open to all

International Women’s Day Panel

Wednesday March 11th 6:30pm – Week 2 Semester 1

Open to all

Community Legal Centre and Volunteering Fair

Thursday March 26th 1pm – Week 4 Semester 1

Contact Us 

If you want to get in touch please don’t hesitate to email us about anything at women@mulss.com. Also, if you’re a women-identifying, trans or non-binary student please join our Facebook discussion group by searching ‘MULSS Women’s Portfolio’.

Thea Stephenson and Bonnie Fraser