Equity & Social Justice

The Equity and Social Justice Portfolio delivers programs engaging with equity, wellbeing and social justice issues within the law school community. The portfolio is led by our ESJ Directors and supported by the work of four MULSS Co-Opts in Wellbeing, Social Justice, Equity and Disability.

Social Justice

  • Facilitate opportunities for students to engage with social justice issues in the law and public interest careers.
  • Events: public lectures and lunch-time seminars on topical SJ issues.
  • Collaboration with the Public Interest Law Network to host free Public Interest Practice Skills (PIPS) workshops taught by lawyers from a variety of community legal centres
  • Opportunities: donation drives, ad-hoc volunteering opportunities.


  • Supporting students experiencing social and/or financial disadvantage through programs and advocacy.
  • Programs: Book Fairy – reimbursement for the costs of mandatory textbooks for students in demonstrated financial need.
  • Advocacy: Collaboration with other Equality portfolios and Faculty in response to discrete and systemic barriers to education.


  • Delivery of LSS-run wellbeing initiatives & advocacy on wellbeing issues to Faculty.
  • Programs: Mindfulness Meditation lunch-time sessions during Semester.
  • Advocacy: We are your Student Representatives on Melbourne Law School’s Student Equality and Wellbeing Committee.

How we can help?

  • Come to us with suggestions, feedback or concerns on LSS or Faculty programs. We will listen and respond (with your consent!)
  • Navigating Law School can be tricky: if you’re feeling overwhelmed and are unsure of where to go, you can (confidentially) reach out to us! We can point you in the right direction.

2021 Wellbeing Guide