The Environment Portfolio’s aims are to

  1. Increase awareness about environmental issues among the law school community, particularly those issues that intersect with the law 
  2. Promote and educate students about making more environmentally friendly choices 
  3. Respond to student needs in relation to issues including subject unavailability and the need for environmental career information 

Increasing awareness 

A key goal of our portfolio is to increase awareness of environmental issues. One way that we have done this was in our Principles of International Animal Law lunchtime lecture that took place in semester 1.     

Promote and educate students about making more environmentally friendly choices

This year we have decided to focus our attention on the use of single coffee cups. It doesn’t take a great deal of time at the law school to realise that we consume a lot of coffee, and consequently we use a lot of coffee cups. Although coffee lids are often recyclable, the cups are often not and go into landfill. Australia is estimated to use 1 billion coffee cups each year, and it is only going to keep increasing if we do not make a conscious choice to move away from single use coffee cups. 

The MULSS sell KeepCups for $10 and these can be purchased at the link below. 


Responding to student needs

At the core of our responsibility, is to respond to student needs through engagement and advocacy. We listen to feedback received from students and respond to these by taking steps such as liaising with faculty or by holding events that address areas students have expressed an interest in. One way that we are responding to student needs is by addressing the lack of opportunity that students have to engage with Animal law.  

Upcoming Events

  • Environmental Law Careers Panel 
  • Animal Law Careers Panel 
  • Criminal/Animal Law Lunchtime Lecture 

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Also, if you are interested in our Portfolio and would like to connect with other like minded students, make sure to join our Facebook group by typing ‘MULSS Environment’

Directors: Alex Buck and Momo Djojosugito