Locker Hire & Exchange

Locker Hire & Exchange

Locker hire applications for both standard size and large lockers are open! This is the relevant link:

Standard Size Lockers:

Applications for standard size lockers will be open until the end of Week 1 (8/3/2020). First in best dressed in terms of preferences for level of MLS (mez or level 1) and height of locker. Students will be notified of their locker allocation in Week 2 and keys will be available for pick up during the lunchtimes of week 2.

Large Locker Applications:

Applications for large lockers will close earlier than standard size lockers on the Tuesday of Week 1 (3/3/2020). Students will find out whether their application for a large locker was successful by 6/3/20 (Friday of week 1). If you are unsuccessful you can still apply for a standard locker before 8/3/2020.

Note: Large lockers entail an application process. Each year many more students apply than there are large lockers available, and thus some will not be successful in their application. Pls refrain from haranguing the Second Year Representative if your application is unsuccessful. There are many students with urgent medical/other needs which necessitate that they be allocated a locker. Unfortunately the LSS will be unable to provide reasons as to why you did not receive a locker, as the answer may simply be that someone else had a more pressing need than you.

Your best bet as someone who is trying to get a large locker and does not have a pressing medical/other need for one is to apply to share one with other students. Get a group together (of no more than 3 people). Nominate one person to apply for the large locker and purchase via qpay. If you wish to share a large locker with someone whose application was successful, you can purchase an ‘extra key’ via the qpay page by 9/3/2020. This is a strict deadline and extra keys will likely not be granted after this point. These extra keys will also be made available for lunchtime pick up during week 2.

If you do not apply for a locker or an extra key for a large locker by the dates specified above you will not be guaranteed a locker/key. If you are affected by exceptional circumstances affecting your ability to apply for a locker/key during the above specified times, please contact secondyear@mulss.con and extraordinary arrangements may be made.