MULSS and VELSN Declare a Climate Emergency and Environmental Crisis

On 11 December 2019 the University of Sydney Law School declared climate emergency. It was the first climate emergency declaration by a Go8 law school.

This semester, VELSN (the Victorian Environmental Law Student Network) and the MULSS Environment Portfolio have been drafting our own Climate Emergency and Environmental CrisisDeclaration, to expound the devastating impacts of anthropogenic environmental damage and commit to addressing these crises as legal professionals. On 7 September 2020, VELSN and MULSS voted to ratify the declaration.

Now, we hope to bring such declaration to the Board of The University of Melbourne Law School, so that it as well can declare climate emergency and environmental crisis.

Please, give the declaration a read, assimilate the commitments and possibly give us some feedback/suggestions at or We hope that, through your help, we can develop a declaration to be presented to Faculty!