MULSS 2019 Annual General Meeting

You are invited to the 2019 MULSS Annual General Meeting. This year’s AGM will take place at 1:00pm on the 19th of September, in G08. If you are unable to attend the AGM, but would still like your vote present, please fill out this form before 1:00pm on the 18th of September ->

The AGM is your opportunity to hear from all our current Directors, Representatives and Leadership Team Members about their work throughout the year and the outlook for their portfolios. These presentations will include a look at how their portfolios have been successful and how they may be improved. The Committee’s annual report and financial statements for the year will also be considered.

During the AGM we will also vote to ratify:
1. The 2018 AGM Minutes
2. The 2019 SGM (Special General Meeting) Minutes.

Our 2019 Election results will also be announced at the end of the AGM.

All attendees will need to sign in at the start of the meeting, and must remain in the room until the end.

At the conclusion of the AGM all elected members will officially begin their term in office.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at