Financial Resources Guidebook Launch 2021

The LSS is proud to be launching a Financial Resources Guidebook for students.

With three phases of release over this coming year, we are incredibly excited to kick start this initiative by bringing you Phase 1 and an official launch event about all things student finance.

Phase 1 of the guidebook focuses on topics such as navigating Centrelink, talking to your friends and family about money, accessing university financial services, and much more.

The launch event is going to be a panel evening with students from varied financial backgrounds having an open and honest conversation about how they balance their studies and financial responsibilities. The aim of the evening is to give all students an insight into the varied backgrounds of students who attend the law school and build knowledge and curiosity about your own financial situation.

The guidebook is just that – a guide to resources and further information which you can use to help make your own informed decisions. It features personal anecdotes, tips for accessing services and useful tools and resources for you to make your money work for you.

We hope to have you join us at 6:30 pm on Zoom for this exciting event!! We will also be providing more information about what to expect in Phase 2 and 3 of the guide and encourage you to join the team putting this together if you are interested in helping out!

Date and Time: 23rd of March at 6:30pm

Download the Financial Resources Guide Here: