Open Witness Examination

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The Open Witness Examination Competition is a simulated civil or criminal trial. Teams consist of two students: one barrister and one non-competitive witness. Teammates may alternate or swap roles for different rounds as desired, or may choose instead to focus on one role each for the duration of the competition.

Teams will be required to develop a theory of the case and to present this case to the judge. As the barrister, you will act as counsel for either the prosecution or defence. Your task is to ascertain the facts of the case through the examination and cross-examination of witnesses. As a witness, you must memorise the facts of the case prior to trial and must testify in accordance with those facts.

In Semester 1, 2021, preliminary rounds will be held online. Whether subsequent rounds and finals will be held online or in person will be confirmed in the coming months.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Arthur or John Hajek at


Round 1: Monday 22/3 and Tuesday 23/3
Round 2: Monday 12/4 and Tuesday 13/4
Round 3: Monday 26/4 and Tuesday 27/4
Round 4: Monday 10/5 and Tuesday 11/5
Quarter-Final: Tuesday 27/7
Semi-Final: Tuesday 17/8
Grand Final: Monday 30/8

Dates are subject to change.



Winners – Claritta Lee and Yun Lee
Runners Up – Hana Gibson and Ruby Jeffrey
Judge – Frances Hogan

Congratulations to Claritta Lee and Yun Lee for winning the 2021 MULSS Open Witness Examination Competition. Congratulations to Hana Gibson and Ruby Jeffrey who were the runners up of the competition.

Thank you to our Co-opts John Hajek and Lauren Arthur and thank you to all those who participated in 2021.


2021 – Claritta Lee and Yun Lee

2020 – John Hajek and Lauren Arthur

2019 – Edmond Stewart and Anastasia Tarasova

2018 – Margaret Brown and Taylor Mitas

2017 – Sophia Kaiko and Julia Korolkova

2016 – Ruben Clark and Ishita Mattoo

2015 – Marijana Banovac and Yusur Al-Azzawi

2014 – Elizabeth O’Brien and Ash Perriman

2013 – Zan Mazharullah and David Adam

2012 – Julian Chant and Victor Lei

2011 – Daniel Holmes and Jesse Winton

2010 – Tom Ickeringill and Courtney McLennan

2009 – Unknown

2008 – Owen Webb and Rohan Hockings