Women’s Moot


The 2021 Allens Women’s Moot is a joint initiative by the Competitions and Women’s portfolios. This Competition was created in 2015, with the aspiration of helping to break down differences in opportunity between women and men at university. It is well known that the legal profession (and more specifically advocacy) structurally disadvantages women and it was the intention of this competition to given female advocates further experience beyond ordinary mooting competitions, and to celebrate women in the law. 

The Allens Womens Moot is open to JD students in all year levels and first year students are encouraged to participate. Teams consist of 2-3 students: two barristers and one optional instructing solicitor.

The Moot uses one problem throughout the whole competition, giving students ample opportunity to learn from their mistakes to improve their legal and oral advocacy skills.

Preliminary rounds might be held at Melbourne Law School (subject to COVID-19 regulations), whilst the Grand Final location is similarly TBA.

Competition Details

Teams must consist of a Senior and Junior Counsel. An Instructing Solicitor who assists in legal research and preparation of the written submissions (does not speak during the oral submissions) is optional, but encouraged. Team members may rotate positions during the course of the competition so that everyone gets a chance to make oral submissions.

Time commitment: For ALL competitiors, the moot problem will be released 1:00PM, two days prior to your moot. As mooting is research based, expect to spend some time reading the problem, undertaking some research and preparing for the moot.

Team size: 2–3 members

Attire: Business

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Olga Kerry and Lucy MacLachlan at womensmoot@mulss.com.


Round 1: Wednesday 4/8 and Thursday 5/8
Round 2: Wednesday 18/8 and Thursday 19/8
Round 3: Wednesday 1/9 and Thursday 2/9
Quarter-Final: Thursday 9/9
Semi-Final: Wednesday 29/9
Grand Final: Monday 11/10

Please note, that dates may be subject to change.



Winners Anjelika Cohen, Danielle Feng and Sophia Kimmins
Runners Up Celine Lau, Louisa Zhang and Marian Liwanen
Judges Fiona Forsyth QC, Stephanie Pasharis (Allens) and Zoe Chapman (Allens)

Congratulations to Anjelika Cohen, Danielle Feng and Sophia Kimmins for winning the 2021 Allens Womens Moot. Danielle Feng was awarded Best Speaker.

Congratulations to Celine Lau, Louisa Zhang and Marian Liwanen who were the Runners Up of the Competition.

Thank you to our two co-opts Lucy MacLachlan and Olga Kerry and all those who participated!


2021 – Anjelika Cohen, Danielle Feng and Sophia Kimmins

2020 – Tess Varney, Ella White and Lucy MacLachlan

2019 – Andriana Georgiou and Elizabeth Georgiou

2018 – Rose Barnsley, Sharmera Kesavan and Phoebe Scott

2017 – Tea Liu, Huda Waraich and Lily Wright

2016 – Panagiota Houpis, Emily Mackay and Georgie Tweedy