External Competitions

The Melbourne University Law Students’ Society offers students a chance to gain further experience by competing in external competitions in Melbourne, interstate and overseas. External competitions are a great chance to compete against and meet students from other top law schools. The LSS will cover teams’ registration costs. Unless otherwise specified, teams will be required to pay for their own flights, accommodation and other associated expenses.

If you have any queries, please email externalcompetitions@mulss.com. Calls for applications for the competitions will be announced on the JD Facebook pages and on this page. 


How do I register?

When registration opens, links to the relevant forms will be made available on this page and posted to the ‘MULSS Competitions 2021’ Facebook page, MULSS Newsletter and on this website. The link for the MULSS Competitions page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/789299961420422

What are the application criteria?

Each competition has a unique set of criteria which will be detailed when registration opens. You should include any experience which may be relevant, for instance, volunteering, research, journal positions, public speaking, debating etc.

Do I have to apply in a team or by myself?

Most applications must be made as a team, with some exceptions (as noted). The Gibbs Moot, for example, will take individual applications.

Can I apply if I am in my first year?

Competitions are not restricted to certain year levels. However, the content and workload of the competition may make it more or less accessible to those who have only studied the first-year curriculum.

Competitions in 2021

Please note that these are the competitions the MULSS has entered in the past. It is not a definitive list, nor a confirmed list of entries for 2021. The exact competitions entered and the number of teams entered are subject to change. 

UTS Intervarsity Negotiations

With seven universities and 13 teams participating across Australia, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Intervarsity Negotiation is the largest intervarsity competition hosted by the UTS Law School Society.

This prestigious competition will be held over the weekend of 15-16 May 2021. We are taking registration for two teams. Teams may have 2–3 participants. This competition will take place over Zoom.

Best of luck to Cheuk (Phillip) Chan, Difan (Christina) Li, Sunny Shan and Tina Meng who are representing the Melbourne Law School this year.

UNSW IV SKILLS Intervarsity Negotiations Competition

This negotiation competition uses a lawyer/client format. Each team will consist of one lawyer and one client.

The competition will consist of three preliminary rounds, with the highest-scoring teams progressing to the semi-finals and finals.

We are taking registration for two teams comprising of two students per team. The competition will be held in an online format 4-5 September 2021.

Registration closes on 29 July at 5pm: https://forms.gle/EeS9K9xnmWG4a5fx9

Gilbert + Tobin Deals Competition

Run in collaboration with Gilbert + Tobin, the Intervarsity Deals Competition aims to give law students in teams of 2-3, the opportunity to learn about practicing competition law through giving advice to a hypothetical digital platform client on a potential acquisition and associated competition law risks. Hosted by Australia’s leading Competition + Regulation practice group, this competition offers a great opportunity to develop and sharpen your drafting and interpersonal skills while getting some real-life experience as a competition lawyer!

The competition involves 4 rounds from late April to late May with the top teams from each round progressing to the next. COVID restrictions allowing, rounds 2 & 4 will be held at the Gilbert + Tobin Melbourne offices.

The rounds are:

Round 1 – Preliminary Advice (due 23 April 2021):
You will be required to prepare advice for your client on a specific set of questions regarding a proposed acquisition. This problem is released on 8 April 2021.

Quarter-Finals – Client Meeting (10 May 2021, 3-6pm):
The quarter-finals require teams to present their written advice and answer questions from their client (played by Gilbert + Tobin lawyers).

Semi-Finals – Letter to Competition Regulator (due 17 May 2021):
Following the client meeting, the hypothetical competition regulator will release a Statement of Issues setting out its key concerns with the proposed acquisition. You will be asked to prepare an advocacy style letter to the regulator addressing their concerns and offering potential remedies. This problem is released on 11 May 2021.

Grand Final – Engagement with Competition Regulator (24 May 2021, 6-8pm):
The grand final will see teams enter into a discussion with the competition regulator (played by Gilbert + Tobin lawyers) to present arguments in support of the proposed acquisition, along with possible remedies to ensure the protection of competition in Australia.

Registration is now closed. Best of luck to the nine MLS teams which have registered!

Congratulations to Tapiwa Bururu, Stuart Neil and Zhichao Ma who won the Competition in 2021 against LaTrobe University.

Pictured: Danny Gilbert (Gilbert + Tobin), Simon Muys (Gilbert + Tobin), Stuart Neil (MLS), Zhichao Ma (MLS) and Susan Jones (Gilbert + Tobin)

Pictured: MLS Team — Tapiwa Bururu participated remotely

TMLS Migration, Citizenship and Refugee Law Moot Registration

Deakin University Commercial Arbitration

The purpose of this moot is to provide law students with the opportunity to hone their research and advocacy skills while becoming more familiar with the contemporary legal issues that surround migration law. The Moot is presented as an appeal to the Federal Court of Australia from hypothetical decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The competition is set to take place on 12-13 August. For the time being, the competition will go ahead in person, remaining contingent on COVID-19 restrictions.

Being in its formative stages this year, we are taking registration for one team of 2-3 students.

Registration is now OPEN: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfprmz1E09N9QrSJ2SPdKd7pSRByhzV6Z3Yn9xeLsazE2bE_w/viewform

UNSW Private Law Moot

The UNSW Private Law Moot will run in virtually on Saturday 22 May – Monday 24 May 2021.

The UNSW Private Law Moot is a prestigious intervarsity mooting competition, bringing together some of the best mooters from Australia and around the world to compete at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

The moot focuses specifically on private law and commercial topics. Competitors have the opportunity to demonstrate commerciality and a deep interest in private law. Previous problem questions have covered equity and trusts, corporations law and contracts.

Registration is now closed. Best of luck to Sam Hannah, Ella White, Galen Maxwell and Mark Salamy who will be representing MLS in 2021! The team will be coached by Jason Varuhas.

The Australian and New Zealand Intervarsity Moot on Animal Law

This two-day annual competition will run from 18–19 September 2021. The competition is open to teams across Australia and New Zealand. ANIMAL is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest student moots and the only animal law moot currently running.

The competition will be hosted online via video conferencing. Registration is now OPEN: https://forms.gle/6KiyMQU3JgaYy4BP9

The Hon Michael Kirby Contract Law Moot

This moot aims to ensure its authenticity and relevance to students’ learning, the moot problem is designed to closely resemble a real-life dispute and the moot judges are mainly practitioners. It is hoped that students who avail themselves of this opportunity will further develop fundamental lawyering skills including problem-solving, legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, factual inve.stigation, communication (oral and written), organisation, management and teamwork. Ultimately, these skills will better equip all law graduates for further study and for their future careers. 

Preference will be given to applicants who have achieved strong results in Contracts. This team will be mentored by academic staff. Up to four students will be selected. Registration is now closed.

Deakin University Commercial Arbitration Moot

This competition focuses on the Convention of the International Sale of Goods (‘CISG’). Arbitration is a key dispute resolution mechanism for resolving international commercial disputes, with legal practitioners specialised in this field being highly sought after. Participants are required to seek resolution to a fictitious problem in a simulated virtual courtroom setting. Each team competes in two rounds on day one, once as claimant and once as respondent. The semi-final and grand final takes place on day two.

This moot presents a great opportunity for students interested in international arbitration, particularly since MLS does not participate in the Vis Moot. The rounds will be judged by legal practitioners who have competed in the Vis Moot or similar.

Registration is now closed.

Congratulations to MLS students Grace Dickinson, Madelaine Pittle, and Lachlan Helme-King who advanced to the semi-finals in 2020. Further congratulations must go to Grace Dickinson who won Best Speaker for the Competition.

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Baker McKenzie National Women’s Moot (UNSW, Sydney)

The Baker & McKenzie National Intervarsity Women’s Mooting Tournament is aimed at addressing the equity issues facing women at the bar and is the only national moot in which all competitors must be female. The Competition attracts universities from around Australia and provides an opportunity for female law students to gain advocacy experience and network with female practitioners. 

Currently, the Competition is set to be held in person at the University of Sydney Camperdown campus, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. The Competition will be held from the 25-29th of September, with registrations closing on the 6th of August. 

Congratulations to both teams who represented MLS in 2020: Aalishna Alag, Estelle Morrissey, and Annie Tran; Joanna Gu, Chitban Sahni, and Shruti Sudarsan.



Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot 

This competition sees teams of two to three compete over multiple rounds in the area of constitutional law. The competition is presided over by current and former High Court Justices, and draws an extremely high level of competition.

We sought a team of students with extensive mooting and legal research experience and engagement with public law.

Congratulations to James Gunn, Annie Jiang, and Kevin Sebastian who are representing MLS in 2021.

AAT Moot

This competition saw teams of two compete over five rounds held fortnightly in Semester 2 on the subject of administrative law and merits review.

The Moot will be held online. Round 1: 16 July 2021.

The competition consists of five rounds in total with each team participating in the first two rounds.

The Grand Final will be held in late October 2021 and will be adjudicated by a panel of three adjudicators, including the President of the AAT.

 For more information: https://www.aat.gov.au/…/2021-national-mooting-competition

Registration is now closed. Congratulations to Vanessa Wilson, Chloe Smith and Calin Miles who are representing the Melbourne Law School.

Congratulations to Brendan McGing, Annie Jiang and Tina Yao who represented MLS in 2020.

ANU Indigenous Law Reform and Advocacy Competition

The Inaugural Indigenous Law Reform and Advocacy Competition is hosted online by ANU, with this year’s theme being Black Lives Matter. Competitors must submit a 5 to 10 minute video clip addressing a question relating to law reform.

Congratulations to Jesse Loudovaris, Malaika Khattak, Marian Liwanen, Matthew Healy, Milan Kantor and Nicholas Ong who produced this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lwoAaPaUvKEldea7gl8jEG_DKUkDO2rQ/view?fbclid=IwAR1PUDxXn-x8Fo31NOzHefz-97Ggn9ZcHTzBpiEyBmZJXL2mlquWbmReNL0

ANU Gender Identity + Sexuality Law Moot

This Intervarsity Moot was the first of its kind and open to New Zealand and Australian law schools. The competition will ran online in October 2020. His Honour Justice Michael Kirby AC, CMG was one of the judges for the final of the moot, was held on 13 October, 2020.

The problem question will focused on the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) and the tort of privacy.

Congratulations to Kevin Sebastian, Phoebe Scott and Sharmera Kevasan who are currently representing MLS in 2020 and have advanced to the Grand Final. Special mention to Kevin Sebastian who was awarded Best Advocate.

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