Client Interview 2020

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The Client Interview Competition takes place in a mock environment where teams of two student competitors, who play the role of lawyers, are visited by a potential client for a preliminary meeting.

With only a very brief memorandum outlining the context of the meeting provided beforehand, competitors will have a discussion with the client regarding an unknown legal problem. Within fifteen minutes each team must work together to identify the material facts relevant to the client’s legal dilemma. 

The focus of the Competition is on understanding the client’s situation and communicating effectively with the client and your team member. Each client may present with a different personal demeanor — clients may be rude, shy or loud. Competitors are required to accommodate to the client’s demeanor whilst still acting in a professional manner.

On completion of the interview, competitors will confer with each other and have a discussion with the judge about the merits of the case. Teams are not judged on their ability to provide legal advice, but rather the quality of their meeting with the client and their teamwork.

The ability to effectively interview clients is regarded to be an essential skill required in many careers. Such a task requires good communication, honed interpersonal skills, teamwork and the ability to think quickly on your feet. This Competition provides a valuable opportunity to develop these skills in a constructive and simulated professional environment.

Preliminary rounds are held at Melbourne Law School, with the Grand Final being held on one of our top floors, with food and beverages supplied. Members of the public are welcome to attend the Grand Final.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Isabella Argitis and Matt Breau at


Round 1: 16/17th March
Round 2: 20th/21st April
Round 3: 4th/5th May
Quarter-Final: 10th August
Semi-Final: 31st August
Grand Final: 21st September

Dates are subject to change.



Winners Koko Watanabe & Pearl Chen
Pictured (left to right): Koko Watanabe (Winner), Pearl Chen (Winner), Charlotte Lang-Waring (Competition Officer), Isabella Argitis (Runner Up), Matt Breau (Runner Up) & Sophie Dole (Competition Officer)

Congratulations to Pearl Chen & Koko Watanabe for winning the 2019 Corrs Chambers Westgarth Client Interview Competition!

Congratulations to Matt Breau & Isabella Argitis who were the Runners Up of the Competition!

Thank you to all participants.


2019 – Pearl Chen and Koko Watanabe

2018 – Sophie Dole and Amber Withers

2017 – Zoe Seeberg-Gordon and Oliver Wahlstrom-Schatt 

2016 – Hannah Hofmann and Mark Giuseppini

2015 – Unknown

2014 – Nancy Sui and Nicolas Brown

2013 – Simon Disney and Rachel Oldham

2012 – Rory Hudson and Bethany Rose

2011 – Jessica Dawson-Field and Ella Pope

2010 – Andrea De Souza and Jamie McCallum