Climate Change and the Law

We are living in *unprecedented* times at the moment, and surprisingly we are not talking about corona! The IPCC recently released their Sixth Assessment Report in which they made clear that extreme weather events will only increase in intensity and frequency unless we can reduce our emissions to net 0. It may be hard to think about how this will impact us as future lawyers, and that is where this lecture comes in! If you were shaken by the IPCC report or just have a general interest in how climate change is already impacting law and policy in Australia, tune in at 6pm on Monday 13 September to hear Tim Baxter speak about the intersection of climate change and the law.
Tim Baxter is Senior Researcher at the Climate Council and has been involved in the publishing of a number of reports into the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, the future of gas and renewables, and how Australia in particular might move forward in these areas.
September 13th, 6:00-7:00pm on Zoom.