Social Media Policy

MULSS Social Media Policy (as at 6 September 2021)


The MULSS Social Media Policy defines the permissible Terms of Use for all MULSS Social Media. The Policy seeks to ensure the ongoing utility of MULSS Social Media as an effective means of communication between the MULSS Committee and MULSS Members. It seeks to ensure that all use of MULSS Social Media is conducted in a productive and courteous manner that is respectful of all Users, at all times.

The Policy applies to all Users of MULSS Social Media, including, but not limited to, all MULSS Members and Committee. MULSS Social Media includes, but is not limited to, the MULSS Website and Facebook accounts.

External Grants Policy

MULSS External Grants Policy (as at 8 March 2021)

The MULSS External Grants Policy establishes the formal procedure by which student groups at Melbourne Law School (‘MLS’) can apply for funding grants from the MULSS. While the MULSS welcomes applications from all MLS student organisations, this Policy is targeted towards fledgling societies.


Any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about the Social Media Policy should be emailed to the MULSS Communications Directors at communications@mulss.com.

Enquiries about the External Grants Policy should be directed to the MULSS Secretary at secretary@mulss.com.

The Terms of these Policies may be amended from time to time by the MULSS Executive Committee.