Leadership Team

Daniel Bennett-Spark
Zoe Stathis
Vice President
Daniel Sango
Vice President
Mende Stojcevski
Emily Tang
Sponsorship Director

The Portfolios

William Stafford
Activities Director
Tim Holden
Activities Director
Activities Officers (Sports)

Nathan Herlinger

George Tabet


Activities Officers

Rylee Olsson   

Matthew Zhou

Activities Officers (First Year)

Isabelle Hanna   

Cara Dooley-Heath

Liam Roney   

Jenny Yi

Isabella Le
Careers Director
Chris Warwick
Careers Director
Private Practice Careers Officers

Daniella Ciccone   

Jesse Guo   

Neeharika Palachanda

Corporate Careers Officers

Lauren Jenkins

Felix Shen

Government Careers Officer

Calin Miles

Public Interest Careers Officer

Ciara Lavender

General Careers Officer

Declan Curtin

First Year Careers Officers

Catherine Chincarini

Annie Tran

Georgia Barendse
Communications Director
Georgia Zheng
Communications Director
Marketing & Publications Officers

Daniel Beratis

Ananyaa Mahajan

Kristen Politis

Jessica Saban

Purely Dicta Editors

Chris Girardi

Andrew Udovenya

Chloe Smith
Competitions Director (Internal)
Jennifer Douglas
Competitions Director (Internal)
Jon McArthur
Competitions Director (External)
Megan Scull
Competitions Director (External)
Internal Competitions Officers

Open Mooting Officers: Stephanie Douvos, Krystian Kmita

First Year Mooting Officers: Annie Jiang, Tina Yao

Open Witness Officers: Bill Cai, Katie Nikolaou

First Year Witness Officers: Phillip Geoghegan, Jeremy Waite

Negotiation Officers: Luke Amoddio, Tim Sheehan

Client Interview Officers: Isabella Argitis, Mathieu Breau

International Humanitarian Law Moot Officers: Kevin Fan, Alexandra Wright

Women’s Moot Officers: Awura Abena Owusu, Ying Wong

State Party Negotiaion Officer: Lauren Ramsey

Sir Harry Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot Officers

Curtis Haas

John Hajek

Sasha Greenaway

Emily Haw
Education Director
Rebecca Poynton
Education Director
Stepping Stones Officers

Emilly Edsell

Brendan McGing

General Education Officer

Josephine Le

Muhammad (Momo) Iftikhar Djojosugito
Environments Director
Alexander Buck
Environments Director
Issues in Animal and Environment Law Officer

Emily Ressia

Phoebe Scott
Equity & Social Justice Director
Sharmera Kesavan
Equity & Social Justice Director
Equity Officers

Sarah Ajlouni

Calvin Collins

Samantha Varghese

Kavin Nenh
Queer Director
Samuel Khara
Queer Director
Queer Officer

Craig Whittingham

Monique Lau
Third Year Representative
Lauren Sibree
Second Year Representative
Jake Huang
International Students’ Representative
Paige Carter
Indigenous Students’ Representative
Annabelle West
Disability Representative
Brigitte Douvos
First Year Representative
Rose-Monet Wilson Scott
First Year Representative
Chloe Tsatsos
First Year Representative

Thea Stephenson
Womens Director
Bonnie Fraser
Womens Director
Womens Officers

Ran Duan

Devni Wimalasena