2021 First Year Representative Election

Candidates for First Year Representative

Thomas Pollock

Hi there, my name is Tom Pollock. I am previously a Bachelor of Design graduate from Unimelb. I am interested in the arts, music, and all things related to the creative avenues of law. I have an outgoing and inclusive personality and believe I suit the role of OUR cohort’s first year representative. I have strong interpersonal skills and believe I can contribute to the development of a vibrant and positive culture around MLS. In such an environment that is filled with stress, I will strive to develop a comfortable and emotionally supportive environment.

As a design graduate, I believe that I can contribute unique perspectives as the first-year representative. My favourite areas of study include Urban Planning, Property, and Architecture.

A little more about me: one of my favourite TV shows is Grand Designs (Kevin McCloud ahh!), my strangest hobby is beer brewing, and I am thoroughly interested all things about film photography and plants! So, if you have any questions about these things, feel free to message me on Facebook.

If you are looking for a positive and inclusive person to lead you as your first-year representative, please vote for me!

Thanks for reading legends x

Remy Marshall

Hey! I’m Remy and I’m thrilled to announce I am running to be your First Year Representative.

–       Our delayed 2021 camp can head in a different direction: to be specific, about three hours north-east of Melbourne. A gloomy mid-winter trip of already acquainted first-years isn’t the most thrilling concept. However, a weekend at Mount Buller with days on the slopes and nights on the beers? I will ensure that camp not only goes ahead but that it is bigger and better than before.

–       In light of the recent allegations surrounding sexual assault in workplaces we will likely end up in, I will liaise with the Women’s, Queer, and Equity and Social Justice teams to ensure that the Law School is being proactive in making this field a safer place for us. This would involve implementing and building on the work the LSS has already initiated.

–     I will set up an online forum that allows for first years to communicate their needs and desires when it comes to both social events and academic concerns. Do you want to see us organise a poker night or barefoot bowls? Do you think we need greater assistance with competition preparation? I want to be able to hear, respond and embrace all of your ideas.

Above all else, I want us to have the first year we deserve after the year that was 2020.

If you want that too, then vote [1] Remy Marshall for your First Year Representative!

Belle Murray

The first years of 2021 are the first, in the history of the JD, to have the choice of studying remotely. Whilst this brings an extraordinary breadth of backgrounds, ages and experiences to the MLS it is not without its challenges. I myself am come to the MLS from full-time work, rather than studying, and understand that returning to study is daunting for some. As a first-year representative I want to ensure all first years, whether it be on-campus or remote, have the opportunity, and feel comfortable, to engage with the activities and experiences on offer from the MULSS. In particular, this means being a point of contact for those who are remote and offering more online based social activities rather than just those that are study, career or competition focused.

Outside of university life, I live near Chapel St so you can often find me with a drink in hand taking in the sights, smell and sounds of the lovely local @iconsofchapel. I run, play on a few netball teams and tend to do any activity as a form of procrastination to avoid hitting the books. I do think balancing life, work and study is really important and want to encourage others to find a balance and take a break too!

For extra brownie points I also have two Italian Greyhounds (Tex and Sid) and promise at some point to bring them into online and in-person events in their snoods.

Guys, I belle-ive in us 
Vote Belle Murray #1

Steph Dixon

Hi, my name is Steph, and I would love to be one of your First Year Reps for 2021! I am a professional musician by day, and an undercover law student by night. I spend my spare time staring at my ridiculously cute puppy, stubbornly running the various footpaths of Melbourne and scrolling Strava instead of Facebook. From a young age, I was always curious as to whether someone could sue another for various strange and random things. My dad never had the answers, and nor did my music degree; so here I am, finally studying law.

I would like to become more involved in the student community here at the MLS and becoming a First Year Representative would be an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much taking the time to read a bit about who I am, and for considering voting for me in the upcoming MULSS election. I really look forward to getting to know you all throughout the course of our studies! Steph

Sophie Schultz

Hi Everyone!

I’m Sophie. I’ll be standing this year for one of the MULSS First Year Representative roles.

Some of you may know me… I say having probably met less than 5% of this first year cohort. That aside, what a beautiful bunch of people! For those I have not met, or am in a dormant WhatsApp group chat with, hello (again) and congratulations on smashing through the first few weeks of the JD.

After being cooped up for basically all of last year, and with some of us still remaining apart, I hope to use this role to foster a strong sense of community for both in person and online students. After all, what’s the point of JD without having a strong cohort to ace it (and struggle) with? Whether you’re in need of a listening ear, a pep talk, a rant or some direction toward helpful resources, I will be there to support you.

I am always up for a chat and would love to represent a cohort who knows that they can reach out at any time. There’s no way of predicting how the year may unfold in these “unprecedented” times. This being said, as your first-year student representative, I hope to support both the online/in-person students through the throws of the year.

Let’s crush it.

As Sophie is unable to campaign in person, she has also submitted a video: