Women’s Portfolio 

The Women’s Portfolio aims to promote a safe and inclusive space for all women-identifying, transgender and non-binary students. The Portfolio is led by the Women’s Directors, Mairead O’Connor and Zoe Stathis, and supported by two Women’s Officers.

While women at MLS are strongly represented, the legal profession and the law itself still contains serious structural barriers for women. We want to welcome you into this supportive community and hope you can come to us to talk about any of your concerns. 

This year, we will be running a series of panels, workshops and networking opportunities  focused on both women’s experience working in, and being subjects of, the law. We encourage you to attend our events, particularly the first-years! We kicked off the year with our International Women’s Day Panel where we received a great turn-out and heard from our esteemed panelists. 

We support and acknowledge that the intersections of sexuality, race and class interact with gender and no one person’s experience of law school will be the same. Our priority is to collaborate with the other Equality portfolios to address broader gender issues within MLS. 

Upcoming Events 

Women’s Cultural Diversity Breakfast 

28th August 8:00 am 

Open to students who identify as culturally diverse women

Women’s Networking Night MLS Student Enrichment Centre (Mezzanine) 

18th September 6:30pm

Open to female-identifying students 

Contact Us 

If you want to get in touch please don’t hesitate to email us about anything at women@mulss.com. Also, if you’re a women-identifying, trans or non-binary student please join our Facebook discussion group by searching ‘MULSS Women’s Portfolio’.

Mairead O’Connor & Zoe Stathis