Melbourne University Law Students' Society

The MULSS Committee has agreed to trial an idea to improve how inclusive and representative it is of all JD students. The trial aims to incorporate more considered student opinions in MULSS decision-making on its motions. MULSS Motions are major non-financial proposals, such as the MULSS Social Media Policy, Marriage Equality Statement and Recommendations to the Law Institute of Victoria’s Clerkship and Traineeship Guidelines.

Please read the feedback form and enter your considered comments in 50 words or less for or against any of those motions. The form will remain open until Sunday August 21.

The Committee has agreed to present those comments at the August 22 meeting before any other Committee member's comments/questions, in order to inform the deliberation on each motion. Please see the Thursday April 7 De Minimis article for more details.

The Committee looks forward to hearing from you!



22 Augut 2016 Meeting

1. Official Support for the Fares Fair PTV Petition

- Feedback: 20 for, 1 against

- Committee vote: all for

2. Regulation Change: Equal Opportunity for Election Nomination

- Feedback: 14 for, 1 against

- Committee vote: all for


25 May 2016 Meeting

1. Gender diversity mechanism (first year representatives)

- Feedback: 45 for, 17 against

- Committee vote: 19 for, 5 abstaining, 4 against - passed

2. Indigenous student officer

- Feedback: 53 for, 7 against

- Committee vote: all for

3. National Legal Aid Campaign Support

- Feedback: 53 for, 6 against

- Committee vote: all for

4. Melb Law in JD Facebook Groups

- Feedback: 32 for, 18 against

- Committee vote: all for


19 April 2016 Meeting

1. Wurundjeri people sign-off Motion

- Feedback: 1 for

- Committee vote: all for

2. MULSS Endorsement of SEWC Committee Proposal (gender diverse bathrooms)

- Feedback: 2 for

- Committee vote: all for

3. Textbook Exchange Replacement

- Feedback: 1 for

- Committe vote: all for


Henry Dow


Ruveena Kaliannan