Melbourne University Law Students' Society

Please DO NOT put a lock on an unoccupied locker. It will be cut off by the LSS if you have not paid for the locker.

These lockers are only for students undertaking the Juris Doctor course.



Regular-size lockers on Mezzanine and Level 1 are $20 for the year (plus an online transaction fee of $0.78).

Full-length lockers are $60 (plus $1.74 transaction fee), but, due to their limited availability, will be subject to a merit-based application in which the applicant should highlight their need to store larger items - for example, due to sporting, or work, commitments.


Hire Period

The locker will be in your possession until 24 December 2018. Locker hire will be available online. Payment is to be made online only via QPay, cash and EFTPOS will not be accepted. Within 24 hours of payment you will receive an email containing your locker number. You will need to provide your own lock.



The conditions for hire are listed at the bottom of the locker hire payment form, please read them before submitting your form.


Locker Maintenance

If you're having any maintenance-related issues i.e. latch won't lock or your locker door won't close, please send an e-mail detailing the issue to the Second Year Representative (contact details below). We will attempt to fix the problem as soon as we can.


Payment: Regular-Size Lockers

Regular-size lockers are still available for 2018! 

Click this link if you want to apply for a regular-size locker:


Application: Full-Size Lockers

Full-size lockers are sold out for 2018!