Melbourne University Law Students' Society

How does it work?

This program is to be used once regular-size lockers have sold out for the year. It aims to serve as an exchange system/waiting list for students who are in need of a locker.

Purchasers: Students who missed out on lockers during the initial sale period will fill out the form in the below link indicating that they are interested in purchasing a locker. The MULSS will formulate a waiting list with all the students who have registered their interest for a locker based on a first-in-first-serve basis and will contact students on the list when new lockers become available.

Sellers: Students who no longer require use of their lockers will fill out the form in the below link indicating that they wish to put their locker back up on the market for another student to purchase. Once a purchaser is found, we will contact sellers via e-mail, notifying them that an exchange is available.



Summer Semester + Semester 1:

  • Up until and including Week 6 of Semester 1, the exchange price for a locker will be $15.


After Week 6 of Semester 1 + Semester 2:

  • The exchange price for a locker will be $10.


These exchange fees will not be held by the LSS, rather, we will only act as an intermediary between students. Once we have matched a seller with a student who wishes to purchase a locker, it is up to the students to handle the exchange of moneys between each other. The students MUST abide by the above pricing rules.


Can I swap with someone on my own?


For security purposes, it is crucial that all exchanges of lockers MUST be done through the MULSS.


Two examples of issues that can pop up if lockers are not validly exchanged:

Lock Removal: Misplaced Keys/Forgotten Combinations

Students commonly misplace their keys or forget the combinations for the locks on their lockers. In order to gain access to their locker, they must to contact us to get the lock removed.

  • In order for us to remove the lock, students need to provide identification to show us that they are the valid hirer of said locker (this is verified through our central list of lockers and hirers).
  • Therefore, if a student has exchanged their locker without notifying us, they will NOT be able to gain access to the locker as they will not be the listed hirer of the locker.


Administrative Fees & Reclaiming Lost Property

  • At the end of the year/start of the following academic year, the MULSS conducts a locker audit. During this audit, any lockers that still have locks on them are removed and the contents are held by the MULSS for a period of 30 days. Students are required to pay a $20 administrative fee in order to reclaim their belongings. If students wish to claim their belongings, they are required to show provide identification proving that the items removed were from THEIR locker as corresponding with our locker database. If they cannot, they will not be able to reclaim their belongings.


Registration - Buyers & Sellers