Melbourne University Law Students' Society

The Careers Guidebook is an annual publication that gives an overview of many of the different career pathways available to MLS students. The Guidebook does not discuss clerkships, which the Seasonal Clerkship Guide focuses on, but does discuss some commercial law pathways. The greater focus, however, is on both legal and non-legal career pathways in government, public interest organisations, business, academia, and in the courts. 2013's edition will also include a special section on legal careers in rural, remote and regional areas. The Careers Guidebook also focuses on ways to get qualified as a soliciter in Victoria, and ways in which your law degree can be used without being qualified to practise.

The Guidebook is currently in it's final stages of publication, and will be released on a date to be determined in Week 11.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their help in producings these guidebooks.