Melbourne University Law Students' Society

Uncle Bill Nicholson, Wurundjeri Elder, Educational Advisor and Churchill Fellow

Room 102
Wednesday 11 October 2017 1-2.30pm (45min + 45 min Guided Cultural Walk)

The Yarn followed by Billibellary's Walk is an opportunity to learn from the Traditional Owners of the lands of Melbourne Law School. Students will learn about: traditional knowledges, respect, and First Nations Peoples' relationship to country.
This event will be tailored to support law students’ wellbeing, giving students an opportunity for self-reflection, openness of mind, and enhanced awareness of cultural diversity. Important cultural practices like deep listening and storytelling will be explored.


Billibellary's Walk (45min) will immediately follow the yarn. Bring your comfy shoes and water.
Or, you can come along to the Yarn and watch out for an alternative time for the Walk.