Melbourne University Law Students' Society

The MULSS’ new Locker Exchange Program is now live!


The program allows for students who no longer have need for the lockers they hired at the start of the year to pass them along to other students who would like to hire a locker. The system will essentially function as an exchange where the MULSS will match students looking for lockers to hire with students who are wanting to get rid of their lockers. Availability will be largely based on the supply of lockers from students. Exchanges will be purely between students, however, the prices will be regulated by the MULSS:


  • Up to and including Week 6 of Semester 1, the price will be $15.
  • After Week 6 of Semester 1, including Semester 2, the price will be $10.


Check out the link below for more information on how to use the exchange!


Gus Viola