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MULSS Women’s Portfolio, in partnership with fEMPOWER, Safe Steps, Women’s Property Iniatives and Women and Mentoring present the Outreach Partnership Program. These community organisations provide support and assistance to women and children, working closely with volunteers in making a positive difference in our community.

The nature of this volunteering position will be specified in the Outreach Program Booklet, the nature of the position will be specified and is dependent on the organisation. The Event Launch on Wednesday 9th of August from 1-2pm in Law 223, is an opportunity for students to question, meet, and understand what is required for volunteering with each of these community-based organisations. There will be light refreshments provided and plenty of women passionate about helping the community.

fEMPOWER runs workshops in high schools on ways to recognise and address gender inequality, with particular focus on intersectional feminism. The workshops cover a broad range of topics, but focus on the harmful effects of gender stereotypes. In particular, how stereotypes can affect and are linked to, violence against women, participation in workplaces and societal expectations. Workshops are tailored to the different needs of schools and cover public, private, comprehensive, single sex and selective schools.

Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre is a not-for-profit, state-wide first responder for women and children experiencing violence and abuse from a partner, ex-partner, or another family member or someone close to them. Safe Steps aim to be a voice for prevention and elimination of violence against women and children by providing state-wide immediate response that informs, protects and connects women and children. Safe Steps work with all who want to eliminate violence against women and children, to build strong networks in order educate and inform the community to aid in the elimination of violence against women and children.

Women and Mentoring (WAM) runs a unique, early intervention program which supports women charged with criminal offence, through matching them individually with a supportive volunteer mentor. The mentors are trained, resourced and provide aporopriate support to the program participants, to share their skills and contribute to the wider community. The program aims to make a positive experience to the lives of female offenders’, by informing them on coping mechanisms and addressing the underlying issues for their charges.

Women’s Property Initiatives is a not-for-profit, women-specific, Australian Registered Housing Provider. Working with private, public and non-government sectors, WPI aims to develop high-quality, safe and affordable housing for disadvantaged, women headed households.

We would like to thank fEMPOWER, Safe Steps, Women and Mentoring and Women’s Property Initiatives in participating in this wonderful opportunity for students at Melbourne Law School to give back to the community. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email the Women’s Portfolio at


Hannah Gordon

Women's Director

Arabella Close

Women's Director