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Spring has sprung, and with it a time for growth and transformation! Let us paint you a picture of the Very Thirsty Caterpillar, perhaps lesser known than her hungry brother, but still just as much of a Spring Icon:

One night the Very Thirsty Caterpillar decided to leave her law books at home and put on her finest cocktail garments.

She decided to nosey on down to the event of the season, to see her fellow grubs and to engage in casual frivolity and raucousness at Howler in Brunswick.

When she was there, the Very Thirsty Caterpillar became very thirsty and quenched her thirst with the sizeable bar tab, consuming one glass of sparkling, two pints of beer, three glasses of Sauvy B and upon getting the giggles, decided to drink responsibly thereafter.

Her brother, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, had other things in mind than alcohol, and instead purchased a subsidised non-alcoholic ticket and gorged himself on the delectable finger food on offer.

The Very Thirsty Caterpillar’s favourite musician, Claudia Jones, and her amazing soul/disco 10-piece band really knocked her many socks off. Thirsty loved all her songs, especially ‘Music Trance’ from listening to her Soundcloud:

Thirsty then followed the crowd to kick-ons at Inflation for a boogie.

The Very Thirsty Caterpillar, after a great night, had drunk her fill, got a kebab at that place on Smith St, and retreated into a warm cocoon of blankets.

The next morning, Thirsty emerged as a beautiful and satiated butterfly, ready to take on the daunting butterfly exams.

It is our hope that the story of Thirsty (or Hungry) will come to reflect the ravishing time we will all have in attending Spring Social. and so we have copied the details of this classic down to the band and the venue.


$30 Alcoholic (inc. access to bar tab at Howler and after-party)
$20 Non-alcoholic

Cocktail wear (floral, bees, honeybirds and butterflies encouraged)

Main Event: Howler (Brunswick)
After-party: Inflation (11.30PM til late)


7PM Start


Thursday, 20 September 2018

- Claudia Jones (live)
- DJ

Light finger-food provided