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The MULSS is proud to announce that nominations are now open for Co-opt positions and the First Year Elections for 2019! This is an invaluable opportunity to get involved in the Law School community, beef up your extra-curricular activities and make a real impact upon the university experience of your peers.

Co-opt positions are available for a number of portfolios and there is also the opportunity for three first years to join the team as First Year Representatives. Position descriptions for the various roles available can be found via the following link:

The key dates to know for this co-opting/election period are as follows:

Applications Open: Sunday 10 March, 5:00pm (End of Week 1)
Information Session: Thursday 14 March, 1:00pm-2:00pm (Week 2)
Applications Close: Sunday 17 March, 5:00pm (End of Week 2)

First Year Rep Campaigning: Monday 18 March- Sunday 24 March
Voting: Monday 25 March - Thursday 28 March

Co-opt interviews: Monday 18 March - Friday 29 March

All results will be announced as soon as practicable after FYR results are counted and co-opt positions selected.

Please note: election campaigning for First Year Representatives is governed by an exhaustive list of rules. These regulations are attached below and can also be accessed via the Constitution and Regulations tab at Any breaches in these rules may result in penalties of votes or disqualification.

Please contact Sophie-Isabella Chalet (LSS Secretary) if you have any questions or concerns about the election season at, Good luck with your applications and campaigns!

Links to the 2019 Nomination forms:

Please note that some positions are available to all year levels. However, we will be using two different nomination forms for first years and older year levels

If you are in first year, and applying for a role that is also open to older year levels, please do so under the ‘First Year Co-opts’ form and not the form for older year levels.

This is to ensure that applications for first year positions are kept separate from those open to all students.

First Year Representatives

Co-opt positions available to first years

Co-opt positions open to older year levels