Melbourne University Law Students' Society


Please find all the candidates below and check out their profiles and posters on the MULSS website so you can make an informed decision during voting week, commencing 9.00am Monday September 11th and closing at Midday Friday September 15th.

Voting for the MULSS General Elections is now OPEN through the following link!
You can also vote in person from 1-2PM each day in the law school foyer 

Also, join us for a democracy sausage at the Elections BBQ this Wednesday from 1-2PM outside the law building 

Election results will be announced at the MULSS Annual General Meeting on Thursday 21 September at 1PM. Please note we will also be taking nominations to fill the External Competitions Director Position at the AGM. Please direct any queries to the Secretary.

Leadership Team:

* Camilla (Millie) Doyle (Poster; Profile)
* Tilly Houghton  (Poster; Profile)
* Augustus Viola (Poster; Profile)

Vice President (2) 
* Ayu Maylinda (Poster; Profile)
* Jimi Muirhead (Poster; Profile)
* Alana Mia Perna (Poster; Profile)
* Sarah Strangio (Poster; Profile)
* Karri Walker (Poster; Profile)

* Alli Berry (Poster; Profile)
* Ben Henry (Poster; Profile)
* Anna Tupicoff (Poster; Profile)

* Russell Hughes (Poster; Profile)
* Lachlan Johnson (Poster; Profile)

Director of Sponsorship
* Michael Botha (Poster; Profile)
* Mariah Cartsidimas (Poster; Profile)
* Alexander Meredith (Poster; Profile)

Executive Positions:

Activities Director (2)
* Jaclyn Artuso & Jack Stanovsek (Poster; Profile)
* Jasmine Holmes & Edison Ponari (Poster; Profile)

Competitions Director [Internal Competitions Director] (2)
* Karan Desai & Ken Kiat (Poster; Profile)
* Julia Despard & Stephanie Trajcevska (Poster; Profile)

International Students’ Representative
* Prathyush Natarajan (Poster; Profile)
* Tess Roussel (Poster; Profile)
* Ben Stern (Poster; Profile)
* Yumeng Sun (Poster; Profile)

Second Year Representative
* Alex Hamer (Poster; Profile)
* Jessie Layman (Poster; Profile)

Third Year Representative
* Tess McIntyre (Poster; Profile)
* Xu Zhang (Poster; Profile)

Elected Unopposed:

Careers & Development Director (2)
* Alisha D'Souza & Sophie Isabella-Chalet

Communications Director (2)
* Tara Malishev

Education Director (2)
* Brittany Baker & Amy Rich

Environment Officer [Environment Director] (2)
* Erin Kanygin & Lauren Miller

Equality & Social Justice Director (2)
* Margaret (Peggy) Gusah & Ayman Shash

Indigenous Students’ Representative 
* Kassie McAlear

Queer Officer [Queer Director] (2)
* Julian Donahue & Andrew Tolé

Women's Officer (2) [Women’s Director]
* Arabella Close & Hannah Gordon

[External Competitions Director]
* -