Melbourne University Law Students' Society

At the April MULSS Committee Meeting, a motion was passed to replace the old Textbook Exchange with a new, more efficient online marketplace for second hand law textbooks.

The new exchange will involve students making accounts on the forum via their student e-mail addresses. They will then be required to follow the guidelines for use listed on the exchange and the MULSS website (a brief summary of what can and can't be sold and how to make listings). The listings should contain information regarding what books are for sale, the condition they are in and a corresponding price. Students will also post their contact details in order for potential buyers to get in touch with them. More detail is provided on the website.

The exchange will be moderated by the sitting Second Year Representative, with the LSS IT Officer also having administrative access to the website.

Please note: For all the students with unsold entries on the old textbook exchange, you will be required to make new entries on the new exchange if you would like to continue advertising your books for sale. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes!

To use the new exchange, visit the 'second hand textbooks' link under 'services' on the MULSS website, or follow this link

For any questions on how the exchange works or how to register/post etc. please send an e-mail to Arj at