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The Careers Guide is here, just in time for the long summer ahead!! Within the all-consuming clerkship application period, it seems like the perfect time to explore some of the other (highly attractive) options!

The Guide details the many alternative pathways that can be undertaken with your law degree. The focus areas include:

- The Bar and the Courts;
- Academia;
- Management Consulting;
- Investment Banking;
- Government;
- Private Practice;
- Practical Legal Training; and
- Public Interest Work (across a variety of fields!!)

The articles are written by a variety of esteemed professionals as well as fellow students!

Specially, Matthew Albert, a person that many of us hold in such high regard, will be speaking at the launch about his pathway and how his career has developed after law school! If you missed our BLS Refugee Law Panel, this is your chance to gain some incredible insights!!

Our Careers Guide will be handed out to people who attend the event. As there are limited copies, we encourage you all to come along (not that you needed any more motivation given Matthew Albert is speaking!)

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing many of you there!!