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Attention all JD students,

The JD fest is BACK for its sophomore appearance, and there is no better chance to resolve your Legal Listlessness, your Statutory Suspicions and your Common Law Queries. For all students feeling overwhelmed by everything going on, and NEEDING YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED, we have the answers for you.

There so many opportunities and paths to follow in this degree, as well as support mechanisms to help us on our way, but we are well aware that these can seem daunting and difficult to get your head around. With everything in the balancing act, it can be extremely helpful to hear it from the students who’ve come before you about how to handle it, and where to go. We want you to have the REAL TALK, with an UNBIASED and HONEST review of how to survive the JD.

When: Monday 7 May 2018

Time: 1.15 PM - 2.15 PM

Place: Level 1 Communal Area, Melbourne Law School

The elected First Year Reps have put together a fair for next MONDAY 7TH OF MAY. You can hear the first accounts of various programs by students who have undertaken them already. Want to know more about PILI subjects? Curious about how to apply for a course extension? Interested in how you can get involved in subjects that will take you around the world? Talk to the people who’ve been there and done that.

The fair will be held on the level one communal area with tables set up for you to meet and greet the people from a wide range of areas. Feel free to come by during the hour and strike up a conversation with someone involved with something that concerns you. Available to talk and share their knowledge are representatives from the Enrichment Centre. Their expert knowledge and understanding of the MLS environment are an invaluable utility. Have your questions answered about:

Global Lawyer
Economic and Business Law in Asia Law
Legal Practice in Asia
Exchange Programs
JD Course Extensions
External/Internal Competitions
Corporate Clerkships
Government Clerkships/Internships
International Internships
Volunteering at Community Legal Centres
Public Interest Law Initiative
Public Interest Law Clinic
Prison Legal Education Assistance Project
Programs and disability support initiatives
Mindfulness and Mental Health
Melbourne Journal of International Law
Melbourne University Law Review
De Minimis
Global Law Students Society
Late Law Students Network
Student Life and Societies
Melbourne China Law Society

We would LOVE to see you all down there. Let’s chat.

Many Happy Returns,

Your First Year Reps.