Melbourne University Law Students' Society

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Date: 22/08/2019

Time: 1pm-2:15pm

Location: G08

As a General Member of the MULSS you are entitled to vote on proposed resolutions at this year's SGM

What is the SGM?

The SGM is a meeting where our members can vote to pass constitutional changes, or other proposals calling for specific action to change how the MULSS operates. This year's SGM will be held on Thursday 22nd August at 1pm in G08

How does it affect you?

If you want to vote on a resolution at the SGM, all you need to do is turn up on the day! You will need to be an LSS member and leave your student number, so make sure that you have signed up if you haven't already.

If you can't make the SGM but wish to nominate someone who is attending to vote on your behalf, you can do so by filling out the following form:

How will the SGM run?

Students have been submitting proposed resolutions for the past couple of weeks. At the meeting, each proposer will have a couple of minutes to speak about their resolution and students will have the opportunity to ask questions before it is put to a vote. I will be circulating a copy of the agenda on this page in advance of the meeting.

Please note: Anyone attempting to subvert the aims of this meeting or act contrary to the MULSS's governing rules or the MLS Student Code of Conduct may be reported to the University and/or have their membership revoked.

If you have any questions, please contact Sophie Chalet (Secretary) -