International Women’s Day Panel

Join the Women’s Portfolio for a panel event to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Come along on Wednesday the 11th of March for the Women’s Portfolio’s annual International Women’s Day panel. Our central topics of discussion for this year’s panel are activism, philanthropy and the challenges of having women’s issues taken seriously both in the legal profession and beyond.

We have an incredible array of guest speakers from a range of amazing organisations who will provide you with an insight into the experiences of individuals working to reform policy, social attitudes, and garner support for women’s issues.


Sanja Nenadic: Solicitor and Migration Agent from Refugee Legal
Brea Tsesmetzis: Victorian State Coordinator of Share the Dignity
Jillian Prior: Founder and Principal Legal Officer at Law and Advocacy Centre for
Belinda Lo: Principal Lawyer at the Eastern Community Legal Centre
Joanna Fletcher: CEO of Women’s Legal Service Victoria

The event will be a Q and A style panel hosted by the Women’s Directors but there will also be plenty of time at the end of the panel for questions from the audience!

Stick around once the panel is over to enjoy some mingling and discussion over food and drinks.

Whilst this is a free event, we ask for attendees to register their interest through the following link: