Melbourne University Law Students' Society

Queer Portfolio:

The MULSS queer portfolio aims to provide support and guidance to LGBTIQA+ students in the law school. Students should be able to be their authentic selves at university, and so MULSS is committed to fostering a friendly and discrimination-free environment on campus.

The Queer Portfolio has two Queer Directors for 2019, Daniel Bennett-Spark and Eleanor Ryan.

Health and Wellbeing:
We recognize that LGBTIQA+ students may face additional stresses not catered for by general student services. In an environment where small pressures can build if not properly dealt with, it is important to know that there are support networks in place for LGBTIQA+ students. If you are struggling in any way, we strongly encourage you to contact one of the queer officers. We are very keen to help where we can, or at least point you in the right direction!
See below for a full list of LSS contact options and supporting organisations, otherwise feel free to speak to us in person.

Professional and Social Development:
It is increasingly the case that involvement in the greater LGBTI community provides yet another opportunity for students to engage with the wider ‘legal world’. Law firms, government departments and NGOs are giving more attention to the issues surrounding gender and sexual diversity, and as such a widespread community of legal practitioners is developing. It is our aim to help students engage with this community and make the most of the opportunities to contribute and engage.
Make sure to keep tabs on up the LSS and like our Facebook page (Queer@Melbourne Law School) for notifications of upcoming events!

Queer Issues in Our Community:
The queer portfolio aims to engage the law school in current questions of social and legal justice pertaining to the queer identifying community. The portfolio will host a number of forums and
other events throughout the year to raise awareness and increase
 understanding of these issues throughout the law school.

Upcoming Events

NB: These are tentative dates, to be confirmed.

Welcome Back Event
Week 2 of Semester 1

Melbourne Queer Film Festival Contingent
March 2019
A social night with dinner and a film for students.

Queer Networking Night
Thu 11th April 2019
Come meet representatives from all over the legal professional spectrum!

Activist Talk
April 2019
An evening lecture from Nic Holas, Chair of the Victorian HIV Legal Working Group and founder of HIV peer-support organisation The Institute of Many.

Annual Queer Lecture
May 2019
A lecture by a prominent queer person in the law.

Queer Professional Panel
Second Semester
An opportunity for students to hear about and ask questions of representatives from sponsor firms and other queer legal professionals about their work.

Lunchtime Speaker
August 2019
Lunchtime lecture from prominent Indian legal scholar Tarun Khaitan, Future Fellow at MLS and Associate Professor at Wadham College, Oxford. This talk will be on the recent Indian Supreme Court decision Johar v UoI which legalised all forms of consensual sex in India. Assoc Prof Khaitan was cited twice by the Supreme Court in this 2018 decision.

Wear It Purple Day morning tea
Mon 30th August 2019
A morning tea for students and staff on Wear It Purple Day, expressing solidarity with young queer people.

Inter-Uni Queer Mixer
Thu 26th September 2019
An event for queer students and their allies in collaboration with Monash LSS.

AGMC Conference Contingent
September 2019
A contingent of students attending the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council's annual conference.

Ongoing Events

Regular social lunches
Monthly lunches with food provided for students, occasionally in collaboration with faculty.

Coffee Roulette
Opportunity for early-year students to be paired with later-year students to socialise and discuss study and life.

More To Come!

External Organisations:

Beyond Blue:
Beyond Blue have numerous resources for addressing depression and anxiety for LGBTQI, or unsure, students.

LIVOut - Law Institute of Victoria:
The Law Institute of Victoria’s LGBTIQ Diversity Initiative.

The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby:

Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc.:

Transgender Victoria:


Out For Australia

An organisation that aims to support LGBTIQA+ professionals.


Daniel Bennett-Spark

Queer Director

Eleanor Ryan

Queer Director