Melbourne University Law Students' Society

MULSS Book Fairy 2017

1. Full reimbursement of textbook costs

  • All students eligible for financial assistance under the BFP will be reimbursed for the full value of each eligible textbook, being all requisite textbooks for each JD subject (excluding most legislation).

2. Students automatically retain possession of relevant textbooks

  • Under the new BFP, students will automatically retain possession of the relevant textbooks upon the completion of the relevant period of study.
  • The MULSS will reimburse the textbook for the student, for the full cost of the textbook as initially outlaid by the student.
  • At the completion of the relevant study period, students may choose to either
    (a) keep the book; or
    (b) return it to the Law Library.
    If students wish to select option (b), the textbooks must be barcoded by the Law Library at the beginning of the study period.
  • The Law Library will then place the relevant textbook in the high-use catalogue, for future use by the entire MLS cohort.
  • If a student who selects option (b) and fails to return the textbook to the Law Library in Pristine Condition at the end of the relevant study period, the book will not be accepted by the Law Library.
  • All hard-copy receipts for reimbursement will now be collected by the MULSS Equality Directors as soon as possible.
  • Students who wish to select option (b) might experience a brief delay whilst the textbooks are barcoded by the Library. However, barcoding will be scheduled such as to minimise any negative impact on study.
  • Students are no longer required to provide credit card details to the MULSS in their reimbursement form.
  • Students who wish to select option (b) must return their textbooks in a Pristine Condition, as assessed by the MULSS Equality Directors and Law Library staff.

For the purposes of the MULSS Book Fairy Program, Pristine Condition means:

  • Pages must not be ripped, torn-out or otherwise missing;
  • Pages must be easily legible, with no marks or annotations;
  • Highlighting and/or underlining of pages is not permitted.



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The University of Melbourne Privacy Policy:

This information will be used in the assessment of your application for a Law Student Society Book Fairy Textbook Reimbursement Program. Only Student Financial Aid staff, LSS Equality Directors, the LSS Leadership Team will have access to the information. An individual has the right to gain access to their personal information held by the University. For further information about The University of Melbourne’s Privacy Policy, please refer to or email


Ayu Maylinda

Equality & Social Justice Director

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Equality & Social Justice Director