Melbourne University Law Students' Society

Book Fairy

The MULSS Book Fairy Program provides financial assistance to students that are in demonstrated financial need with the costs of their textbooks. Students eligible for financial assistance under the Book Fairy Program (‘BFP’) will be reimbursed for either the total value, 75% of the total value or 50% of the total value of AUD spent on textbooks (i.e. all requisite textbooks for each Melbourne JD subject in the semester of application, excluding most legislation).

Semester Two, 2019

Book Fairy Application Form

Applications for Semester 2, 2019 close on 21 July, 2019.

If you have any queries, please send an email to

How to apply?

Students must submit both:

  1. MULSS Book Fairy online application; and
  2. The University of Melbourne’s Financial Assessment Form. If you have completed this form in the last six (6) months, the form will pre-populate with the information provided from your last submission but you must resubmit.

Students that do not complete both forms by 11:59pm July 21 will not be considered for a Book Fairy reimbursement for the semester.

What are the categories of reimbursement?

Students eligible for financial assistance under the BFP are awarded complete or partial reimbursement of AUD spent on prescribed reading materials for the semester of application (excluding legislation), as per the categories outlined below:

Category Value of Reimbursement (excluding legislation)
 A  100% reimbursement of AUD spent on prescribed reading materials.**
 B  75% reimbursement of AUD spent on prescribed reading materials.
 C  50% reimbursement of AUD spent on prescribed reading materials.


** Note (Category A only): the MULSS Book Fairy Administrator can also make a direct purchase of textbooks for students awarded Category A. Further information will be provided to eligible students in their application outcome email.

Which reading materials are eligible for reimbursement?

  • New or second-hand prescribed (mandatory) reading materials, as detailed on the 2019 Handbook entry for the subject.
  • Printings costs for mandatory reading materials where no hardcopy materials were made available by Faculty for the relevant subject (calculated at 10c per page). 

Eligible reading materials DO NOT include:

  • Printing and/or purchasing costs for legislation; and
  • Printing and/or purchasing costs for optional/recommended materials.

The MULSS Book Fairy administrator retains complete discretion to determine whether materials not listed above are eligible for reimbursement. This will generally depend on the availability of funds.

How is eligibility assessed?

  • Eligibility for the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society (MULSS) Book Fairy program is assessed by Melbourne Law School (MLS) staff as part of the standard scholarship and bursary application process, which includes determination of financial need, as assessed by the University’s Scholarships office.
  • To facilitate this, the MULSS Book Fairy Administrator provides a list of all SM2 2019 Book Fairy applications to Melbourne Law School.
  • Once eligibility is determined by the School, MLS will provide the category of reimbursement awarded to each applicant to the MULSS Book Fairy administrator (a student committee member) to facilitate the disbursement process.

By submitting a BFP application, applicants agree to the limited sharing of application data between the MULSS Book Fairy Administrator and Melbourne Law School as outlined above, for the purposes of assessing their application only. All information provided by applicants on the Financial Assessment Form will be seen by University staff only. This information is NOT released to the MULSS.


Sian Ainsworth

Equity & Social Justice Director

Joshua Andrews

Equity Officer