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The Amiga Montessori Student Tutorial Service aims to help students consolidate material learnt in class. The tutorials are designed to complement seminars. They do not act as a substitute for the classes run by the university. They do not deliver new content, and should only be considered an opportunity for students to reinforce key points in the course and benefit from the experience of high-performing former students. As such, the agenda of the tutorials may not cover all elements of the course in question, or may emphasise some features of the subject over others. This flexibility allows the tutorials to help students focus on areas with which they are most concerned in the course. 


Semester 1, 2018

The schedule for week Semester 1 is as follows:


First Year     
Obligations Tuesday Room 104
Torts Wednesday Room 104
Principles of Public Law Thursday Room 104


Second Year     
Trusts Tuesday Room 106
Property Thursday Room 106
Admin Law Friday Room 106

Tutorial Resources


Brittany Baker

Education Director

Amy Rich

Education Director