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2019 Allens Women's Moot 

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The 2019 Women's Moot is a joint initiative by the Competitions and Women's portfolios. This Competition was created in 2015, with the aspiration of helping to break down differences in opportunity between women and men at university. It is well known that the legal profession (and more specifically advocacy) structurally disadvantages women and it was the intention of this competition to given female advocates further experience beyond ordinary mooting competitions, and to celebrate women in the law. 

We are pleased to announce in 2019 the Women's Moot will run again in Semester 2.

We hope to see the competition expand to see more women mooting!

2018 Results

Congratulations to Rose Barnsley, Sharmera Kesavan and Phoebe Scott for winning the 2018 Competition! Congralations to the runners up, Maria Cananzi, Elif Sekercioglu and Zoe Tapp. Well done to Phoebe Scott for winning the Best Speaker Award.

Winners of the 2018 Competition with the Judging Panel. Pictured (Left to Right): Sharmera Kesavan, Rose Barnsley, Associate Professor Anna Chapman, Professor Elise Bant, Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson, Louise Jenkins (Partner, Allens) and Phoebe Scott.


Grand Finalists of the 2018 Competition with the Grand Final Judges & Competition Co-Opts. Pictured (Back, Left to Right): Sharmera Kesavan (Winner), Rose Barnsley (Winner), Louise Jenkins (Partner, Allens), Professor Elise Bant, Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson, Maria Cananzi (Runner Up), Zoe Tapp (Runner Up), Elif Sekercioglu (Runner Up). Pictured (Front, Left to Right): Phoebe Scott (Winner), Pia Castillo (Competition Co-Opt), Associate Professor Anna Chapman, Talia Le Couter (Competition Co-Opt).

Key dates

Information Session: 

Semester 2, Week 1: Thursday 1 August 2019 

Round 1:

Semester 2, Week 2: Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 August 2019 

Round 2:

Semester 2, Week 4: Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 August 2019 

Round 3:

Semester 2, Week 6: Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 September 2019 

Quarter Finals (top 8 teams):

Semester 2, Week 8: Wednesday 18 September 2019

Semi Finals 

Semester 2, Week 9: Wednesday 25 September 2019 

Grand Final

Semester 2, Week 10: Wednesday 16 October 2019



2019 Allens Women's Moot Guidebook will be available in Semester Two.

Score Sheet

2019 Allens Women's Moot Scoresheet will be available in Semester Two.

Judges' Guidelines

2019 Allens Women's Moot Scoresheet will be available in Semester Two.

2019 Moot Problem


Sample Problem

Download the 2018 competition problem here.

Exemplar Written submission

Provided in Semester Two.

Previous Winners

2018 – Rose Barnsley, Sharmera Kesavan and Phoebe Scott

2017 – Tea Liu, Huda Waraich and Lily Wright

2016 – Panagiota Houpis, Emily Mackay and Georgie Tweedy

2015 - Unknown


Sabine Johnson

Women's Moot Officer

Brigette Mercaldi

Women's Moot Officer