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What is mooting?

Mooting is a traditional law school competition that entails a 'mock' courtroom scenario. In each round, two teams compete against each other in the context of a mock submission, usually an appeal from an earlier decision, with one team representing the appellant and the other representing the respondent. As such, the facts have already been agreed upon, and the two sides will be debating issues of law. Each team will be required to submit a written submission to the court, as well as make a brief oral submission to the judge.

Teams must consist of a Senior and Junior Counsel, who will each make a 10-minute oral submission to the court – with the judge asking questions – over the applicable points of law (not facts). However, each team may also have an Instructing Solicitor, who assists in the legal research and writing of the written submission, but does NOT speak during the oral submission. The Solicitor is optional and has been introduced to add flexibility to the competition; so that if one teammate cannot make it to a particular mooting round, this will not disqualify the team from the competition. Team members may rotate positions during the course of the competition so that everyone gets a chance to make oral submissions. This is also in line with the ALSA regulations.

The Mooting Competition is an exciting way to get experience in public speaking, but may require a great deal of legal research into obscure and unstudied areas of law. An Information Session will take place during Week 2 for competitors who have not previously mooted. Keep your eyes on the website for more information with regards to the upcoming practice round and formal competition.


Time commitment: Problems are released at 12pm on the day prior to your moot, which gives each day about a day and a half to prepare. As mooting is research based, expect to spend several hours researching, as well as a few hours writing your submission and preparing for the moot.

Team size: 2-3 members

Attire: Please wear business attire to your moot





Competition dates for 2014 (subject to change)

Information session: Tuesday 4th March

  • Room 102 at 1 pm
  • Facebook event page:

Mooting Workshop: Tuesday 11th March

  • Room G08 at 1 pm
  • Facebook event page: 

Practice Round: Friday 14th March

Sign ups for practice day are now closed.

Round 1: Monday 31st March - Thursday 10th April

Round 2: Monday 5th May - Thursday 8th May

Round 3: Monday 28th July - Thursday 31st July

Quarter-Finals: Monday 11th August

Semi-Finals: Tuesday 2nd September - Wednesday 3rd September

Grand-Final: Thursday 9th October




Mooting guidebook

Download the mooting guidebook here

Scoring sheet

Download the mooting scoring sheet here

Written Submission Sample

Download the sample written submission here

Mooting 101 Powerpoint

Download the 101 powerpoint here

Past winners

2013: Doug Porteous; Shawn Rajanayagam; Nick Boyd-Caine

2012: Lewis Cohen; Joshua Anderson; Alex Bicknell

2011: Nicholas Tan; Paul Annabell

2010: Brendan Fitzgerald; Sam Naparstek; Jess Chiu

2009: Daniel Kinsey; Sarah Zeleznikow