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2019 King & Wood Mallesons Mooting Competition

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Mooting is the traditional bloodbath sport of law school and is your chance to get a taste of what it is like to be a real Atticus Finch in the heat of battle! In mooting you will encounter a 'mock' courtroom scenario where two teams compete against each other in the context of a mock submission.

The problem, a hypothetical fact scenario, is usually framed as an appeal against an earlier decision. As such, the facts have already been agreed upon, and the two sides are debating issues of law with one team representing the appellant and the other representing the respondent. 

Each team is required to submit a written submission to the court, as well as make oral submissions to the judge. It is a fun, social opportunity to develop your legal research and oral advocacy skills, as well as a chance to demonstrate who has the punniest team name!

2018 Results

Congratulations to Tom Diaz, Eloise Culic and James Hogan for winning the 2018 King & Wood Mallesons Mooting Competition. Congratulations to Zoe BrownTyrone Connell, and Edmond Stewart who were runner up of the Competition. Thank you to Christopher Tran (Victorian Bar) for writing the 2018 Moot Problem.

Grand Finalists of the 2018 King & Wood Mallesons Mooting Competition. Pictured (Left to Right): Edmond Stewart (Runner Up), Zoe Brown (Runner Up), Tom Diaz (Winner), the Hon Justice Richard Niall, James Hogan (Winner), Kristen Walker QC, Ian Paterson (King & Wood Mallesons, Partner), Eloise Culic (Winner) and Tyrone Connell (Runner Up).

Competition Details

Teams must consist of a Senior and Junior Counsel. An Instructing Solicitor, who assists in legal research and preparation of the written submissions, but does not speak during the oral submission is optional, but encouraged. Team members may rotate positions during the course of the competition so that everyone gets a chance to make oral submissions.

Time commitment: For ALL competitiors, the moot problem will be released 1:00PM, two days prior to your moot. As mooting is research based, expect to spend some time reading the problem, several hours researching, a few hours drafting your written submissions and some time preparing oral submissions for the moot.

Team size: 2–3 members

Attire: Business

Key Dates for 2019

Information Session:

Wednesday 6 March 2019, Room 102, 1:00–2:00PM

  • Slides from the Information Session can be downloaded here.

Skills Workshop: 

Wednesday 13 March 2019, Room G08, 1:00–2:00PM

  • Slides from the Workshop can be downloaded here.

Round 1:

Semester 1, Week 3: Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March 2019

Round 2:

Semester 1, Week 5: Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 April 2019

Round 3: 

Semester 1, Week 7: Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019

Round 4: 

Semester 1, Week 9: Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 May 2019

Quarter Final: 

Semester 2, Week 3: Thursday 15 August 2019 

Semi Final: 

Semester 2, Week 6: Thursday 29 August 2019 

Grand Final: 

Semester 2, Week 9: Thursday 24 September 2019 


Mooting Guidebook

Download the 2019 KWM Mooting Guidebook by clicking here.

Scoring Sheet

Download the 2019 KWM Mooting Scoresheet by clicking here.

Judges' Guidelines

Download the 2019 KWM Judges' Guidelines by clicking here.

Exemplar Written Submission

View the writen submission sample by clicking here.

Information Session Slides

Slides from the Information Session can be downloaded here.

Workshop Slides

Slides from the Workshop can be downloaded here.

Previous Winners

2018: Eloise Culic, Tom Diaz and James Hogan

2017: William Connolly and Julian O'Donnell

2016: Tim Higgins, Harry Hill-Smith and Jenny Keene

2015: Alexandra Harrison-Ichlov, Kathryn Wright and Kirsten Sugden

2014: Nicholas Kotzman, Raoul Renard and Matthew Psycharis

2013: Doug Porteous, Shawn Rajanayagam and Nick Boyd-Caine

2012: Lewis Cohen, Joshua Anderson and Alex Bicknell

2011: Nicholas Tan and Paul Annabell

2010: Brendan Fitzgerald, Sam Naparstek and Jess Chiu

2009: Daniel Kinsey and Sarah Zeleznikow



Mende Stojcevski

Mooting Competition Officer

Laura McDonald

Mooting Competition Officer