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2018 Foley's List First-Year Witness Examination Competition

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For the fifth consecutive year, the LSS brings you our Mooting and Witness Examination Competitions exclusively for first years. These competitions were introduced specifically for first year JD students, and as such are designed to operate as an introduction to both Mooting and Witness Examination. The problems are of a level that is accessible to first years and an emphasis will be placed on helping teams improve round to round. 

In 2019, the Witness Examination competition will have 32 teams, sorted into 8 pools in a World Cup-style fixture, including group stage and knockout rounds. Each team is guaranteed to take part in at least three fixtures, with the Grand Finalists competing in a total of 7 witness examinations across the year. There is no better way of getting experience witness exam experience as a first year than through the 2018 Foley's List First Year Witness Examination Competition.

2018 Results

Congratulations to Bodi Shribman and Dave Johnson for winning the 2018 Foley's List First Year Witness Examination Competition. Congratulations to Joe Alamidis and Nicholas Perica who came runner up.

Grand Finalists of the 2018 Foley's List First Year Witness Examination Competition. Pictured (Left to Right): Dave Johnson (Winner), Bodhi Shribman (Winner), Patrick Gordon (Victorian Bar), Carly Robertson (Victorian Bar), Nicholas Perica and Joe Alamidis.


Pictured (Left to Right) – Winners of the 2018 Competition: Dave Johnson and Bodhi Shribman

Registration Details

Teams consist of two students, one playing the role of barrister, and the other of the witness. These are interchangeable positions. As the barrister, you will act as either counsel for the defence or counsel for the prosecution, and your task will be to ascertain the facts of the case through the examination and cross-examination of witnesses. As a witness, you must memorize the facts of the case prior to trial and must testify in accordance with the facts. It is permissible to create facts that are not in the brief, but the facts created must always be consistent with the brief.

Time commitment: Witness Examination does not require research. The barrister should commit two hours to read the problem several times and to formulate an argument. It is recommended that one or two more hours are used to rehearse your examination-in-chief with your witness. However, remember that the more effort you put in prior to trial, the more prepared you will be for whatever may happen in court.

The witness can spend considerably less time preparing. All that is required of the witness is the memorisation of the witness statement, and perhaps the rehearsal of answering questions. As such, it may be in the interests of each team to alternate which partner occupies the role of the witness and barrister in order to experience both elements of the competition and balance the workload for this competition over the semester.

Team size: 2 members

Attire: Business

Registration: Will open Wednesday 6 March 2019, 7:00PM.

Key Dates

Information session:

Tuesday 5 March 2019, Room 102, 1:00–2:00PM.


Tuesday 12 March 2019, Room 102, 1:00–2:00PM

Round 1:

Semester 1, Week 3: Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March 2019

Round 2:

Semester 1, Week 5: Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 April 2019

Round 3:

Semester 1, Week 7: Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019

Qualifying Finals - Round 4:

Semester 1, Week 10: Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 May 2018 (Note: Round 4 occurs on Tuesday/Wednesday, instead of Wednesday/Thursday)

Quarter Finals:


Semi Finals:


Grand Final:




Download the 2018 Foley's List First Year Witness Examination Guidebook here.

Download the 2018 Foley's List First Year Witness Examination Scoresheet here.

Previous Winners

2018 – Bodhi Shribman and Dave Johnson

2017 – Sean Carr and Jessie Li

2016 – Elif Sekercioglu and Jacob Rodrigo

2015 – Madeline Close and Caitlin O'Neil


Sarah Watling

Competitions Director (Internal)

Pia Mitchell

Competitions Director (Internal)