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Careers Guidebook

The Careers Guidebook is an annual publication that provides an overview of the many different career pathways available to MLS students. The Guidebook does not discuss clerkships, the focus of the Seasonal Clerkship Guide, but does discuss some commercial law pathways. Its predominate focus is on legal and non-legal career pathways in government, public interest organisations, business, academia, and in the courts. The 2019 Careers Guide will be launched in Semester 2. 

Seasonal Clerkship Guide

The Seasonal Clerkship Guide is an annual publication created by the Careers portfolio in conjunction with a number of law firms. The guide provides insights into the clerkship application process, clerk and graduate experiences and what it is like working within various practice areas. The 2019 edition of the Seasonal Clerkship Guide was launched on Tuesday 14 May. 

An online copy of the 2019 Seasonal Clerkship Guide can be accessed here.


Anjali Iyer

Careers Director

Burnet Wang

Careers Director