Melbourne University Law Students' Society

From all of the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society (the ‘MULSS’), I would like to welcome you to our website.

The MULSS is the peak representative body for students undertaking the Juris Doctor at Melbourne Law School and the oldest continuing law student society in Australia.

We provide membership to all students free of charge and ss an organisation we play a multifaceted role in provide support, activities and competition to enrich the experience of law students. 

Our effort cover a number or areas with our portfolios covering:

Activities: Social/Sport
Careers: Corporate/Non-Legal, Government, Private Practice, Public Interest
Communications: ‘Purely Dicta’ magazine, Marketing and Publications, Photography, IT
Competitions: Client Interview, Mooting, Negotiations, Witness Examination (and more!)
Education: the Stepping Stones Program, the Pathfinder Program, the Student Tutorial Service
Representation and Advocacy: Women’s and Queer Directors, Year Level Reps, International Students’ Rep
Equity and Social Justice: Environment, Social Justice, Wellbeing
The Law Revue

The MULSS is run entirely by student volunteers who aim to enrich the degrees of their fellow JD students of the law school. Crucially we are here to advocate for students and their needs during their time at MLS. My role specifically is to do the best that I can to communicate the needs of the student body to faculty and other members of the law school community so that we can make changes and developments in the experience of this degree. It’s my job to make sure that our organisation does this as well as we possibly can and I have open ears to feedback.

Our office is on level 2 and the door is always open (almost literally) and I am always accessible at

All the best,

Hannah Gordon

MULSS President 2018/19