Melbourne University Law Students' Society



It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society (MULSS) website. Here you will find all the brilliant things we do to support, to promote, and to provide opportunities to everyone studying the Juris Doctor (JD) student at Melbourne Law School. 
MULSS is oldest continuing law student society in Australia, and we represent all JD students via free membership. Our aim is simple: to provide you with the most enriching law school experience possible.


We organise our efforts into various portfolios:

• Activities: General, Sport
• Careers: Corporate/Non-Legal, Government, Private Practice, Public Interest
• Communications: ‘Purely Dicta’ magazine, Marketing and Publications, Photography, IT
• Competitions: Client Interview, Mooting, Negotiations, Witness Examination (and more!)
• Education: the Stepping Stones Program, the Pathfinder Program, the Student Tutorial Service
• Representation: Year Level Reps, International Students’ Rep, Women’s and Queer Directors
• Equality and Social Justice: Environment, Social Justice, Wellbeing
• The Law Revue

These portfolios are all geared towards supporting our students. Whether it’s helping you prepare for exams; taking away some financial strain associated with tertiary study; organising the social events that enrich law school, or building skills for beyond law school – we’re here for you.


Melbourne Law School provides a unique educational experience, and much of that experience is developed outside the lecture halls. MULSS works to help you build yourself academically, professionally and socially while you’re here – and we hope you make the most of it! We’d love for you to be involved as many of our great programmes as you can, and however you can: join us on the lawns at a BBQ event, mentor a high school student through difficult circumstances in Stepping Stones, or give mooting a go and be a hot-shot barrister for an evening.


Feel free to drop by our office on Level 2 for a chat or if you have any questions, or shoot me an email at – you’re always welcome.

Best of luck for your JD journey – I’m very excited to have you on-board.


Gus Viola
LSS President 2017/18