Melbourne University Law Students' Society

Description: Members of the Law Students' Society including: (back row) Suzanna Sheed, Peter Jones (President), George Schifter (Treasurer), Geoff Combes, Gary Hevey, Ian Dixon, Indi Mitchell, Margaret Gorman, Stephen Maule, Jan Rennick, (front row) Paul Duggan, Sally Burgess, Anthony Bateman. (Date: c. 1970 - Source)

The Law Students’ Society began in 1887 as the Articled Law Clerks’ Debating Society, reflecting its professional membership of part-time students. It changed its name in 1891 omitting the word ‘debating’ so as to encompass a larger range of activities, and in a bid to be more inclusive became the Law Students’ Society in 1892.

The Summons reported that the change of name was 'consequent on the alteration in the rules of the Society, as previously constituted whereby all students of law, whether articled or not, become eligible for membership.'

A History of the Law Students' Society

Retired County Court Judge Graham Fricke has recently begun work on a history of the Law Students' Society. Updates on this history project will be provided on this page.

Programme/Menu for LSS Centenary event, 28 July 1992

History of MLS

An overview of the history of Melbourne Law School is available on the MLS website.

History of Melbourne Law School

LSS Presidents

1887 A P Blake

1888-1889 A B Malleson

1890-1892 A C Destree

1893-1900 W Harrison Moore

1901 H C Winneke

1902- 1903 Henry G Joseph

1904 John B Gregory

1905 Harold Cohen

1906 Charles J Lowe

1907 William Ah Ket

1908 F P Denham

1909 Leo F Cussen

1910 Franc S Carse

1911 G Hogan

1912 Harry C Shelton

1913 Reginald H Hayes

1914 F G Jones

1915 LH Hennessy

1916 Henry H Cuthbert

1917 Robert G Menzies

1921 A Maim

Robert Menzies

1922 Elias G Coppel

1926 Frederick B Gamble

1930-1931 Douglas I Menzies

1932 Harold Holt

1933 Ivan Lewis

1934-1935 Clifford I Menhennitt

1936-1937 Frederick M Bradshaw

1938 Sydney T Frost

1939 Keith A Aickin

1940 Jack C Morris

1941 Airlie T Smith

1942 Eric N Bergere

1943 Arhtur W Phillips

1944 Jack E Richardson

1945 Theo H Moss

1946 John Lurye

1947 William O Harris

1948 Bruce F McNab

1949 Charles H Francis

1950 Richard G D Griffith

1951 Albert E Woodward

1952 Richard E McGarvie

1953 Gerry H Fewster

1954 Brian Stonier

1955 Douglas Williamson

1956 Peter Liddell/ John Date

1957 Roger F Shipton

1958-1959 John R Hanlon

1960 Craig Porter

1961 P D Cummins

1962 Michael Black

1963 Jeffrey Fitzgerald

1964 David Allen

1965 Michael Croyle

1966 Malcolm Smith

1967 Ronald Cahill

1968 John Clements

1969-1970 Peter Nedovic

1971 Phillip Alston

1972 J Judd/Ian Dixon

1973 Peter Jones

1974 George Schifter

1975 Gary Hevey

1976 Peter Jopling

1977 Tom Hurley

1978 Tim McCoyTim McCoy

1979 Fran O’Brien

1980 Mary Stewart

1981 Tim Mason

1982 Anne Marshall

1983 Linda White

1984 Jack Hoysted

1985 Michael Wheelahan

1986 Karin Puels

1987 Fiona McLeod

1988 John Roskam

1989 Clare Langley

1990 Tom Anderson / Krysti Guest

1991 Brad Husband

1992 Kerrie-Anne Luscombe

1993 Peter Danchin

1994 Sarah Roberts

1995 Julie White

1996 Katy Le Roy

1997 Anna Fogarty

1998 Em Russell

1999 Melanie Bond

2000 Vishaal Kishore

2001 James McCarthy

2002 Kenneth Nguyen

2003 Edwina Fenton

2004 Porscia Lam

2005 Philip Tang

2006 Jono Ji

2007 Christine Lui

2008 Phil Barker

2009 Jonathan Augustus

2010 Romily Faulkner

2011 Simon Breheny

2012 Antony Freeman

2013 Pat Easton

2014 Nick Jane

2015 Matthew Pierri

2016 Anna Belgiorno-Nettis

2017 Henry Dow

2018 Gus Viola