Melbourne University Law Students' Society

The MULSS is proud to announce the opening of our 2018 General Election Season! Being an office bearer on the MULSS is an amazing privilege and gives you the opportunity to effect real change in the Law School.

All Directors, Representatives and Leadership Team members attend monthly meetings, and oversee both their own portfolio’s unique initiatives and the general custodianship of the society. All positions are elected for a term of one year and are democratically elected by JD members.

There are a range of positions on offer, each with its own goals, duties and opportunities. Before applying for a position, please read the Position Descriptions below. Potential candidates are also highly encouraged to contact our current office bearers or speak to them at our Information Session on the 23rd of August.

  • Nominations Open - Sunday 19th of August at 5:00pm
  • Information session – Thursday 23rd of August at 1:00pm
  • Applications Close –Sunday 26th of August at 5:00pm
  • Campaigning –Monday 27th of August at 9:00am (to 6th of September)
  • Voting –Monday September 3rd at 9:00am to Thursday September 6th at 5:00pm
  • Campaigning and Voting Closes –Thursday 6th of September at 5:00pm
  • AGM and Announcement – Thursday September 20th at 1:00pm

A list of EXHAUSTIVE campaign methods can be found here. These rules aim to ensure all candidates have an equal platform during their campaigns. Candidates who go beyond the allowed methods may be penalised at the discretion of the Returning Officer, including disqualification or being barred from future nominations. If you are unsure about whether something may be a breach of these rules or believe another candidate has breached these rules, please contact myself at as soon as possible.

All election results will be announced at the AGM on Thursday September 20th at 1:00pm. The AGM will be held in Room 202 & 203 (adjoining).

If you are unable to attend the AGM, but would still like your vote present, please fill out this form before 1:00pm on the 19th of September:

To nominate for a position, please go to

Position Descriptions can be found here.

Voting will open at 9:00am 3rd of September via this link:

Voting will then close at 5:00pm on Thursday the 6th

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all on the campaign trail!

See below for the 2017 AGM Minutes and the 2018 SGM Minutes.

2017 AGM Minutes

2018 SGM Minutes