2020 First Year Representative Election

Voting is now open!

All first year MULSS members can vote until 5pm Thursday 26 March.

Scroll down for the voting form and candidate profiles.


Candidates for First Year Representative


Hey there! If I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself to you personally, I’m Mindy. You may have seen me around with crazy green hair. I promise I’m not as insane as my choice in hair colour might lead you to believe.

My motivation in running for a first year representative position is simply because I’d like to help make the law school experience better in whatever way I can, and I believe that I’m personally best suited to that in the position of a first year rep. I have a passion for student wellbeing, as I have personally had to deal with many times of crisis during my studies; mental, physical, and financial. My personal experience gives me a more compassionate perspective which can assist me in better understanding students’ needs. My hope is that students can feel comfortable speaking to me, and brainstorming together potential policies and services the LSS might be able to provide to help in whatever circumstances they may be going through.

I also like to stay well informed and up to date on all the goings-on at the law school, and as a first year rep a main priority is communicating that info to the cohort. I’ve had the chance already in the past month to assist students in this respect. Conveniently for you, if you ever have a question or need to chat, I’m incredibly easy to find! Just look around for the green head… Although, I’m thinking purple next, any suggestions?


Hi everyone! My name is Bree and I’m running to be your First Year Representative on the Law Students’ Society in 2020.

I don’t know what I want to do when I finished the JD, but I do know what I want to do now; and that’s make the next year at MLS as fun, friendly, and stress-free as it can be for the 2020 cohort!

In the past, I have worked hard to make sure others are able to get the best from the educational opportunities that Melbourne has to offer, as a tutor at the VCE Summer School, a Student Representative on the University’s Academic Misconduct Committee, and last year by passing the Government Funding of University Accommodation Bill through the Victorian Youth Parliament – a strong statement to the Victorian Parliament that university students need accessible housing. Now, I hope to use this passion and experience to help the LSS keep up their good work in creating a strong sense of community at MLS.

First year students have an important role to play in shaping the future of the student experience at Melbourne Law School. As your advocate and representative, I will strive to ensure that first-year voices are heard on the LSS committee. My (metaphorical) door will always be open to concerns and suggestions from my fellow students – or even just for a chat!  

Imogen TIMMS


I’m Imogen (but everyone calls me Imi), and I’m basically the love child of Elle Woods and Dennis Denuto.

I wear a lot of pink, struggle with photocopiers and will probably pass you the Constitution unnecessarily.

Good thing I’m not here to photocopy, and this isn’t Mooting.

As your FYR, I’m going to make MLS more social and more accessible. How?

  • Campaigning with the LSS for recorded lectures for everyone
  • More lunchtime events, both for social/networking/professional development
  • Fostering study groups (because if you’re like me, it’s week three and you’re a semester behind already)

Why vote for me?

  • You can see that I like bullet points, thus I like keeping things simple.
  • I genuinely care about having your voice heard! Let me be your John Farnham. Idea? Thought? Ramblings? Make a noise and I’ll make it clear (to the LSS).
  • Clearly enjoys corny jokes. Maybe I’ll say something actually funny one day. Maybe. But you’d hate to miss it. 
  • The Elle Woods thing is true. I wear pink and I’m good at organising things. If Elle can organise better toilet paper via a vote for her sorority house, then so can I (but perhaps this week isn’t the time to ask). You want something done? I’ll do it
  • I live at Stovetop and PA’s. Point is: I’m always on call for a chat/cry/study sesh/coffee/beer (or 10).   
  • Can cook a decent snag (v important).

Want to have a spectacular first year? Vote [1] for Imogen (a.k.a Imi).

Big love xx


With experience in representing communities, Leah will bring a motivated and responsible attitude as a First Year Representative. With more ideas (like Facebook stream groups), Leah aspires to innovate, reach for convenient solutions and create a smoother transition into law school.

She is a social person committed to listening to others, making certain that everyone is communicated with, and being engaged, not just on social media, but in person. During this COVID-19 crisis, Leah will ensure that everyone correctly informed about the evolvements inside and outside the university (touch elbows, don’t handshake).

Leah will be a voice for you, because as a proud, full-natured wog, she will always speak to be heard on your behalf (and in true wog fashion, she will never let anyone go hungry with her constant snack supply).

Going into first year law is a daunting experience and having someone to represent you, your concerns, ideas, and values, is essential. Leah will take a kind and personable approach to this, and will be a shoulder for you to cry on (because let’s not fool ourselves, we’re gonna cry) when law school gets tough.
As a representative, Leah will vow to make sure we have good times together, be prepared to make you smile with dog pictures, and be a person who will assure you that you are not alone when you’re overwhelmed.

If you want someone who always will be there for you, have food for you and organise awesome events for you, vote for Leah.

Brigitte DOUVOS

Hey guys,

My name is Brigitte Douvos and I would absolutely love to be elected as your First Year Representative!

I know that law school has been a crazy adjustment for most of us, and I understand what it’s like to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the workload and the plethora of activities on offer. While at the same time, I believe that this is one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of our lives. As your First Year Rep, my goal is to make the transition process into law school run as smoothly as possible for all students. I want everyone to feel supported, included and to have their voices heard. I believe that the best way to achieve this is by:

[1] Prioritising mental health and wellbeing within the cohort by fostering a supportive student network where we can all work together to ease the pressure of study, instead of feeding off each other’s stress.

[2] Facilitating more social gatherings in our streams and as a whole cohort, on a frequent and casual basis (think: beers) in order to encourage cohesion and inclusivity within our year level.

[3] Advocating on behalf of our cohort in order to bring to the forefront the genuine concerns that we are faced with at law school. My priority is ensuring that your time at law school is as positive and fulfilling as it can be by making sure your voices are heard.

At a loss? Vote Douvos.


Greetings fellow first-years!

My name is Rose (although you may accidentally know me as ‘Boris’, courtesy of a miscommunication in Obs class) and I am super keen to be running as one of your First Year Representatives. It would be my pleasure to be able to work with the other First Year Reps + MULSS more broadly to give you the best JD experience possible. Without giving you my CV (but lowkey if you want it, add me on LinkedIn) the reasons why you should vote for me are included, but not limited to:

  • I was First Year Rep and Social Secretary for my College – I know how much effort and commitment positions like this take, and completed a fair few workshops in preparation for these roles including mental health, consent, and accessibility training.
  • I’m used to being that person that doesn’t know anyoneI came to Melbourne from rural WA and knew zero people. That’s what clubs, societies and pubs are for! I want to facilitate go-getter grooviness in these areas by communicating upcoming opportunities and running the gauntlet with you.
  • I believe Law School is for everyone I aspire to be like Elle Woods, if Elle Woods was bisexual and not white. Everyone should feel safe, included and able to take on the chances we’re offered here, especially in first year when we’re all finding our feet.
  • It’s Mabo, it’s the vibe

Let me be YOUR mascot! Vote (1) Rose-Monet Wilson Scott for First Year Rep xoxo


Hello, I’m Chloé Tsatsos, and if I have not already met you, I very much look forward to it! 

I am your ideal First Year Representative as I centre my leadership on empathy and listening to the diverse needs of others. My goal is to find creative solutions that cater to many. Any agenda I bring forward is a blank space to be moulded by what you, my peers, make it. I seek to understand what it is that you want and need in order to learn how to best align all that the LSS has to offer with your individual interests. I will amplify your voices, reflecting your commentary in the decision-making designed to enhance your experience at the law school. If you’re in need of a friendly face, I will always be there to extend support, friendship, and offer strong opinions about who is the best on-screen lawyer.

Please feel free to reach out and have a chat if there is anything further you’d like to know. If having your voice heard matters to you, Vote [1] Chloé Tsatsos for MULSS First Year Representative.