Melbourne University Law Students' Society

MULSS is delighted to announce the nominees for the 2018/2019 committee! The candidates' posters and profiles can be found below: 


Leadership Team

President Candidates

Edison Ponari                                             Hannah Gordon: Poster | Profile



Vice President Candidates

Andrew Tolé: Poster | Profile Britt Baker: Poster | Profile Jas Holmes: Poster Tess Roussel                  



Director of Sponsorship Candidates

Alisha D'Souza: Poster | Profile Tori Walker: Poster | Profile



Student Representatives Candidates

International Students' Representatives

Carlos Cohen-Leon: Poster | Profile Chuyan Wu: Poster | Profile Dave (Hsien-Li) Hu: Poster | Profile



Third+ Year Representative Candidates

Elizabeth Georgiou: Poster | Profile Sofia Zudova: Profile                                      



Second Year Representative Candidates

Renzo Tweedie: Poster | Profile William Harris: Poster | Profile William Suhr: Poster | Profile



Education Director Candidates

Cristina Poon & Vanessa Wickes: Poster | Profile James Tucker & Jackson Willows: Poster | Profile
Mel Azman & Jaspreet Kaur: Poster | Profile Olivia Pusey & Peter Turner: Poster | Profile


Activities Director Candidates

Alana Ticchi & Daisy Eales: Poster | Profile Annelise O'Kane & William Hately: Poster | Profile 
Cellina Christoffelsz & Monique Lau: Poster | Profile Daniel Sango & Kavih Dajee: Poster | Profile



Women's Director Candidates

Katya Harrop & Sarah Pfister: Poster | Profile Mairead O'Connor & Zoe Stathis: Poster | Profile Riley Jackson & Sabine Johnson: Poster | Profile


The following positions ran unopposed: 

Secretary: Sophie Chalet

Treasurer: Adriano Carnevale

Careers Directors: Anjali Iyer & Burnet Wang

Communications Directors: Stephen Tsaketas & Emily Tang

Internal Competitions Directors: Sarah Watling & Pia Mitchell

External Competition Director: Jessica Flatters

Environments Director: Ashleigh Feurtado & Rediete Aborete G Messke

Equity and Social Justice: Sian Ainsworth & Tzeyi Koay

Indigenous Students' Representative: Teina Te Hemara

Queer Directors: Eleanor Ryan & Daniel Bennett-Spark

Voting will open at 9:00am 3rd of September via this link:

Voting will then close at 5:00pm on Thursday the 6th.

Happy campaigning, and good luck to all candidates!